📚 External Resources

Below is a list of external websites that offer valuable insights that can help enrich your next crabbing or fishing trip! If you’d like to your website to be featured on this page, please contact us!

State and Local Laws and Regulations

California Department of Fish & Wildlife

The CDFW website is the best place to find the laws and regulations that govern fishing and crabbing in each region of California. From city-to-city, county-to-county and statewide regulations, this website will tell you exactly which laws you must follow depending on the region you plan on fishing or crabbing in.

Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

Before you go crabbing, clamming, fishing or hunting in the state of Oregon it is absolutely imperative that you check the ODFW website. It will tell you exactly which regions are open to crabbing and fishing and which places you need to avoid.

Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

The WDFW offers great insight into the best areas of Washington to go crabbing, fishing and clamming and keeps you updated to any new laws and regulations that you are obliged to follow. It also lists upcoming commercial fishing events and events that are open to the general public.

Maryland Department of Natural Resources

If you plan on crabbing in the Chesapeake Bay or Atlantic Ocean in Maryland then you’ll definitely need to check out Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources to stay up-to-date on the newest crabbing regulations that govern the region. It contains licensing information, invasive species information and all relevant public notices that you’ll need to know about before setting out on your crabbing excursion!

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

The ADFG page offers a wealth of information on fishing, hunting and the general wildlife you can find around Alaska. From commercial fishing to recreational and subsistence hunting, all of the regulations are neatly laid out so you don’t have to do any searching.

Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

All up-to-date saltwater fishing regulations in Alabama can be found on the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources page. This includes commercial and recreational crabbing, regulations and the licensing protocol that you’ll need to follow.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

All of the updated regulations for commercial and recreational crabbing and fishing can be found on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s website. There’s also a helpful guide on identifying fish and crabs, how to safely outfit and handle wildlife and some recommended locations that you can visit.

Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries

For current laws and regulations regarding crabbing and fishing you’ll need to visit Louisiana’s Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. All located on one convenient page, all of the licensing, restrictions and size limits can be found on one page for crabs, oysters and shrimp.