🦀 How to Identify Male vs Female Blue Crabs

Identifying the gender of blue crabs is actually remarkably simple. Below are some very simple pictures that show you exactly how to tell the difference between male and female blue crabs just by looking at their apron.

Identifying Female Blue Crabs

The bottom of a female blue crab. The underside of a crab is called the apron. The female blue crab has a rounded apron compared to the male. The older the female becomes the more rounded the apron will become.

The top of a female blue crab. The female blue crab is called a “Jenny” or “She Crab” by lots of crabbers and her claws have a red tint to them. The female is the smaller of the adults.

When a female crab is carrying eggs, the bottom of the crab is a reddish color and has thousands of eggs attached. The color becomes black as the eggs near hatching. They are called Sponge Crabs.

Identifying Male Blue Crabs

The top of a male blue crab. The male blue crab, also known as a Jimmy, has bright blue claws and is larger than the female. The male can grow to nine inches from point to point.

The bottom of a male blue crab. As you can see, it’s apron is much more pointed when compared to the wider female blue crab.