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🦀 All About Crabbing In Puget Sound

Puget Sound is famous for recreational fisheries and crabbing is on top of them. You will feel exhilarated especially during raising crab pots from the cold depths. Before you go crabbing in Puget sound, make sure that you have a proper license and know about different types of crab that you will catch.

You do not need any expensive equipment or a large boat to go grabbing. You can manage it even without that. Puget Sound is famous for Dungeness Crab which is found in countless locations around Puget Sound. To know more about crabbing in Puget Sound read the following article:

Best Crabbing Locations In Puget Sound

1. South Coast/Pacific Ocean:

Crabbing and saltwater fishing primarily takes place along the state’s 1264 mile long coastline. Dungeness is the main crab species caught along the Pacific Ocean though other crab species include rock, sand, and sheep crabs. You can even go crabbing in State Park and national forests that provide access to the state’s fishing spots.


  • Any fisherman 16 or above needs to buy a California State fishing license for crabbing in Puget Sound.
  • You can buy either a daily or annual license.
  • If you want to go for inland or freshwater fishing then you need to have a North Coast Salmon report card.


The best time to go fishing is either early morning or an hour before dusk.

2. Columbia River

Thousands of crabs find a place in the Columbia River. The lower Columbia River sees a huge migration of Dungeness crab from the ocean. The tides in this river are the best time to catch crabs. The rising tides bring with it huge crabs and are the best time to drop your crabbing gears. 


  • Columbia River is opened round the year for all gears.
  • You need to follow Oregon River rules for fishing crabs in Oregon River.
  • You need to have a resident license from either State to go for crabbing in this area.
  • It is open all year for crabbing.


  • Have a crab catching carcass cocktail of tuna fish while crabbing in Puget Sound.
  • If you do not have tuna then you can also go for shad.
  • The Washington side of the river below Cape Disappointment along the North Jetty is a great place for crabbing in Puget Sound.

3. Seattle

There are plenty of spots to go crabbing in Seattle and the best location is Shilshole Bay Marina. It is near the Golden Gardens Park in Ballard. There are several types of bait that you can use to catch crabs in this area. Some of the baits are chicken legs, cans of cat food, and old fish parts like heads, carcass, etc. You can buy these baits in the local market area.


  • You need to have a license and a catch record card.
  • You can keep only the legal crabs.
  • You need to keep your contact info on your pots.
  • You need to keep your pots out of the water on the closed days.


The best time to go crabbing is during the slack tide which is during low and high tide.

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