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🦀📏 Crab Measuring Gauges for Dungeness & Blue Crabs

It’s important to remember before you go out on your crabbing trip that each location has different guidelines for how large crabs need to be in order to be legally harvested. These regulations vary from state-to-state, county-to-county and species-to-species. In order to streamline the process of checking the size of a crab to see if it’s legal to harvest we strongly recommend picking up a measuring gauge so you won’t run afoul of the law in your region.

Dungeness Crab Measuring Gauge for Oregon, Washington & California

Minimum Size Requirements:
  • California State Minimum Dungeness Size: 5 3/4 inches.
  • Oregon State Minimum Dungeness Crab Size: 5 3/4 inches.
  • Washington State Minimum Dungeness Crab Size: 6 1/4 inches.

This is one of the best Dungeness crab gauges you can get as it comes with the size requirements listed on the device itself. It also includes simple diagrams so you can tell the difference between male and female crabs so you can be sure to only harvest the males and leave the females to reproduce.

It’s made of a green plastic which is actually ideal as the metal gauges tend to rust over time due to the harsh ocean air. The bright green ensures that you won’t easily lose it and the markings are accurate. If you’re looking to go Dungeness crabbing, this is the measuring device you’ll want to pick up.

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Blue Crab Measuring Gauge

Minimum Size Requirements:
  • Maryland State Minimum Blue Crab Size: 5 inches.
  • Louisiana State Minimum Blue Crab Size: 5 inches.
  • Florida State Minimum Blue Crab Size: 2 3/4 inches.

This gauge is a bit different from the Dungeness one in that it doesn’t have preset size notches but instead has an adjustable slider that lets you easily get the exact size without any guess work. It also doesn’t have the size limits printed on it so you may have to make a mark or notch to indicate the size in your region, but that shouldn’t be too difficult if you have a knife or even just a black marker.

Measuring with this gauge isn’t quite as quick as the Dungeness gauge but there aren’t really any measuring devices specifically designed for blue crabs on the market today. There are also a lot more states with different regulations from the Chesapeake Bay to Northern Florida so you’ll definitely want to customize your specific gauge to ensure you’re in compliance with local laws.

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Other Measuring Methods

Crab gauges aren’t necessarily required, though they do tend to make crabbing quite a bit easier. You can use a ruler so long as you know exactly where to measure from and you know just how large the crabs must be. That being said, you’ll definitely want a gauge just for simplicity’s sake.

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