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🎣 The Best Split Shot Sinkers for Fishermen

Fishing is a popular leisure activity. There are many types of fishing you can do, but with split shot fishing sinkers, you have the most control over your fishing line and bait. Let’s take a look at what makes these so important to any fisherman who wants their catch to be successful.

Split Shot Fishing Sinkers are an important part of any angler’s tackle kit. They’re often used to weight down bait in the water or to help keep a lure afloat at specific depths for better visibility. After testing out and researching various types of split shots, we’ve compiled this list of our favorite five for sale today. .

  1. Water Gremlin Company: Removable Split Shot Super Pak
  2. Water Gremlin Company: Removable Split Shot Pro Pack
  3. Wright & McGill: Circle SEA Heavy Wire
  4. YCDMLJC: Fishing Weights Split Shot Sinkers Kit
  5. Jiatai Fishing: Split Shot Fishing Weight Sinkers

Our Top Overall Pick

Water Gremlin Company: Removable Split Shot Super PakCheck Price
Water Gremlin Company: Removable Split Shot Pro PackCheck Price
Wright & McGill: Circle SEA Heavy WireCheck Price
YCDMLJC: Fishing Weights Split Shot Sinkers KitCheck Price
Jiatai Fishing: Split Shot Fishing Weight SinkersCheck Price

Top 5 Best Split Shot Fishing Sinkers

1. Water Gremlin Company: Removable Split Shot Super Pak

The new design of the removable split shot is not only versatile and productive, but affordable too. This patented process provides an economical way to form soft lead into a variety of shapes including balls, rings, squares, triangles and discs. The Super Pak includes 144 pieces per pouch that can be easily removed from the package by squeezing on them with your fingers then prying open with a thumbnail. These split shots are perfect for use in any type of fishing situation – whether you’re working around heavy cover or just need something small to get the job done.

The Water Gremlin Company has been making fishing gear for over 50 years. They know their stuff and have a reputation to uphold.

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2. Water Gremlin Company: Removable Split Shot Pro Pack

The Water Gremlins company has released a new product to the fishing industry. They have created a patented process that forms very soft lead into precise pieces and then CNC machined them for perfect control of their hinges. This results in a controlled hinge that can be squeezed onto the line using your fingers, with œears on each piece which allow you to remove it from your line just as easily. This innovative product is called Water Gremlin squeezable, soft split shot. It comes in packs of 6, 12 or 24 pieces per pack at 0.46 pounds total weight per pack–perfect for any fisherman’s tackle box.

The Water Gremlin Company’s Removable Split Shot Pro Pack is a great option for all levels of fishermen. Not only are they removable, but the pack includes 8 different sizes to choose from so you can easily find what works best for your fishing needs.

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3. Wright & McGill: Circle SEA Heavy Wire

Wright & McGill has unveiled their newest, sleekest fishing rig. The rig-18 is perfect for any fisherman looking for a lightweight but durable setup. It includes everything you need including hooks, sinkers, and line. Their design team was careful to make sure the rig would be laser cut so all pieces are easy to assemble without any of the tangles that can slow down your day on the water. We’re excited about this new product because it will meet the needs of every type of fisherman.

If you are looking for a good split shot fishing sinker, look no further than the Circle SEA Heavy Wire. We put this product to the test and found that it is very durable and does not easily break apart when pulled under water with light force.

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4. YCDMLJC: Fishing Weights Split Shot Sinkers Kit

YCDMLJC’s fishing weights and split shot sinker kit is a great way to add weight to your line. The kit includes 100 pieces of different weights and the option for 5 sizes (0.02oz; 0.03oz; 0.035oz; 0.05oz; 0.07oz) which are easy to attach and remove without damaging the line or getting stuck on anything else in the water column as they have a flat design that doesn’t get hung up on rocks or weeds like round weights can sometimes do when you don’t know how heavy it should be rigged with your gear.

Fishing Weights Split Shot Sinkers Kit is a very good split shot fishing sinker for its price. The kit comes with 50 pieces of weights and 10 split shots, and the weights come in sizes from 1/2oz to 3oz.

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5. Jiatai Fishing: Split Shot Fishing Weight Sinkers

Jiatai’s new product is a 100 pack of Split Shot Fishing Weights, which are made from pure lead and has a high density. These weights have round design and the unique streamlined shape reduces resistance in water. The soft shots with central cut will not break your braided fishing line, and it is durable construction that can be reused. It is easy to choose according to your needs and this sinkers are convenient for you when you go fishing.

Jiatai fishing is a new and innovative way to use split shot sinkers that are designed with the budget minded angler in mind. Designed for those who don’t want to spend too much on gear, these weights offer you high quality performance at an affordable price point.

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The construction material matters a lot, because it determines the weight and shape of the fishing sinker. Usually they’re made from lead or brass. Brass is usually more expensive – but lasts much longer because it doesn’t corrode as quickly. It lightens up your tackle box. Lead is cheaper but heavier and slightly less dense which makes them good for deeper water conditions when the bait needs to have a higher descent rate under water pressure.

Customer Reviews

Customer ratings and reviews are a great place to start when buying a split shot fishing sinker. You can see what other people have said about the particular product, how long they’ve been using it, etc. This will give you an idea of whether this is a good option for you or not.

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For years, fishermen have relied on split shot sinkers to get their baited hooks down deep. These 5 best split shot fishing sinkers reviewed are some of the most popular ones you can order online today. You’ll be able to find a variety of weights and sizes depending on what size fish you plan to catch. Find out which one is right for your next trip by reading our reviews above. Buy now at Amazon.

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