🐟📷 The 4 Best Speargun GoPro Camera Mounts Reviewed

Camera mounts for spearguns are highly desirable as they allow spearfishermen to get a POV record of their best catches and close calls. But with so many different choices on the market each designed to fit a different size camera, it can be tricky to find the perfect fit for your speargun.

There are a wide variety of different styles, and they can be used with many different types of spearfishing equipment. The mounts are sturdy without being too heavy and are usually incredibly easy to install or remove. They will not ruin the appearance of your speargun either-they can be left on when in use or removed easily for storage and transport.

The four best speargun GoPro camera mounts reviewed by our team of experts are all great options for spearfishermen who want to capture their underwater adventures on video. We have spent hours reviewing different models and come up with a list that is sure to please anyone looking for the perfect mount at an affordable price.

  1. Speargun Camera Mount for GoPro w/ Retractable Lanyard
  2. NEPT Action Camera Mount for Wooden Spearguns
  3. pelengas Stainless Steel Speargun Reel w/ Camera Mount
  4. Pelengas Camera Mount for Spearguns

Our Top Overall Pick

Speargun Camera Mount for GoPro w/ Retractable LanyardCheck Price
NEPT Action Camera Mount for Wooden SpeargunsCheck Price
pelengas Stainless Steel Speargun Reel w/ Camera MountCheck Price
Pelengas Camera Mount for SpeargunsCheck Price

Top 4 Best Speargun GoPro Camera Mounts

1. Speargun Camera Mount for GoPro w/ Retractable Lanyard

The best way to get the perfect underwater shot while spearfishing is by using a camera mount. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce you to our new Speargun Camera Mount for GoPro w/ Retractable Lanyard! This mount will allow you to capture your underwater adventures like never before with its durable, sleek design.

The first detachable lanyard designed GoPro camera mount for spearguns, the Safety First designed SpeargunPro allows spearfishermen to film with ease.

This camera mount is designed with a quick release so you can remove your camera from the mount with the simple push of a button while keeping your camera attached by the retractable wrist strap. The SpeargunPro was also created to be impervious to saltwater and can withstand all types of underwater conditions and depths; it’s perfect for capturing underwater hunting or any other type of adventure.

The Speargun Camera Mount for GoPro w/ Retractable Lanyard has been designed specifically for spearers without compromising accuracy or functionality. It comes in both flat bottom barrel and RIFFE Euro styles so you can easily attach it to your speargun.

After reading about all the benefits of this Speargun Camera Mount for GoPro w/ Retractable Lanyard, it’s easy to see why so many people are choosing it as their go-to option. All these features not only make this one of our favorite options but they also ensure that you have a safe and secure set up every time.

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2. NEPT Action Camera Mount for Wooden Spearguns

The NEPT Action Camera Mount is a new product designed specifically for wooden speargun users. It offers a durable and versatile mount that can be mounted on the shaft of any wooden speargun with an open barrel. This allows you to capture underwater videos and photos from your point-of-view without sacrificing accuracy.

After many years of research and development, NEPT has developed a mount that is strong enough to be used in saltwater environments, but lightweight enough so as not to affect the gun’s balance or performance. The mounts attaches securely with two screws (which are included) and can be positioned on the side or top of the gun depending on your preference. You will find it easy to install and adjust with no drilling required! This mount is perfect for any underwater filming enthusiast who wants his footage from every angle possible.

This mount is compatible with many different types of triggers and does not require any drilling or modification to your gun. The Neptonics Action Camera Wooden Speargun Mount can be mounted on the existing trigger without drilling new holes into your speargun, as it utilizes the pre-existing trigger holes to mount the bracket.

The NEPT Action Cam Mount for Wooden Spearguns is one of the best speargun GoPro camera mounts on the market. It’s easy to use, durable and affordable. If you are looking for a quality mount that will allow you to capture everything in your underwater world from an action-packed perspective be sure to check out this product today!

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3. pelengas Stainless Steel Speargun Reel w/ Camera Mount

With the introduction of underwater cameras, spearfishermen have been able to share their experiences with others online. Nowadays, many people are interested in getting a glimpse into the world of spearfishing through these videos. Unfortunately, most underwater camera mounts can be quite expensive and complicated to put together. To solve this problem, pelengas has created an affordable solution that is easy to use and doesn’t require any drilling!

With its lightweight design and durable stainless steel reel, this reel will accommodate up to 20 meters of line 2mm thick – making it perfect for both experienced professionals and beginners alike. The unique design of the product allows you to attach it directly onto your GoPro camera, so there’s no need for any additional attachments or accessories. If you’re looking for a way to make your next dive more memorable, this is the perfect accessory!

If you are looking for a reliable and durable option at an affordable price point, this may be just what you need!

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4. Pelengas Camera Mount for Spearguns

Pelengas has introduced a new camera mount designed specifically for speargun enthusiasts. The Pelengas Camera Mount features a go pro mount that can easily attach to the end of any speargun shaft and provide enough space to hold your favorite Go Pro.

The bracket is made of plastic and aluminum, which are then covered with anode, making it corrosion-resistant. In addition to being durable, this mount also allows the camera to turn aside so that you can easily remove or replace having to discharge the speargun. This bracket can be installed on any speargun receiver thanks to its mounting strap design, making it easy for anyone who doesn’t have access to additional accessories or equipment.

If you are looking for an accessible and high-quality GoPro mount, look no further than the Pelengas Camera Mount. With its easy to use design and durability, this product will be a great asset to your speargun setup. The material is also strong enough that it can withstand being submerged in water without any issues.

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Above are the best Speargun GoPro Camera Mounts reviewed that you can order online today! If you need a high-quality mount for your camera, then this list is exactly what you’re looking for. All of these mounts have been rigorously tested and vetted by our team to ensure they will meet all of your needs as well as provide long term durability in nearly any environment. Whether you want an affordable option or something durable enough to last years, we have got you covered with one of these top quality mounts.