🦐 The Best Shrimp Chum Baits for Fishing

The shrimp chum market is booming and it’s only getting bigger. With more people moving to coastal areas, the demand for shrimp chum has grown exponentially within the past decade or so. There are many different types of products that claim to be the best, some even going as far as being labeled premium, but what really makes a great product?

The shrimp chum is a vital part of any fisherman’s gear. It draws in the fish and helps them to catch more than they would on their own. Choosing the right chum can be difficult, but we at Crabsman have done all the work for you by reviewing 5 different types of shrimp chum and determining which is the best for a variety of different needs.

  1. Aquatic Nutrition Dry Fish Chum Mojo
  2. Bait Binder The ‘Original’ Bait Kit
  3. Aquatic Nutrition Shrimp Chum Pellets
  4. Aquatic Nutrition Chum Ball Kit
  5. Aquatic Nutrition Flats Magic Shrimp Chum

Our Top Overall Pick

Aquatic Nutrition Dry Fish Chum MojoCheck Price
Bait Binder The 'Original' Bait KitCheck Price
Aquatic Nutrition Shrimp Chum PelletsCheck Price
Aquatic Nutrition Chum Ball KitCheck Price
Aquatic Nutrition Flats Magic Shrimp ChumCheck Price

Top 5 Best Shrimp Chum

1. Aquatic Nutrition Dry Fish Chum Mojo

For those who love fishing and want to attract more fish in less time then Aquatic Nutrition’s Dry Fish Chum Mojo is the perfect solution. This new product will help you catch your favorite fish with ease!

Aquatic Nutrition has introduced a new chum product for the fishing market, called the “Mojo” or “magic” saltwater fish chum. This long lasting, concentrated, slow sinking and economical dry chum blend contains over 33% real fish, shrimp, fish oils and more for optimal attractiveness in the water. The company offers two 1 pound kits which each contain a disposable mesh chum bag that is ready-to-use and requires no refrigeration.

Aquatic Nutrition states that their products are made in America with ingredients sourced from USA providers to ensure quality control of ingredients used in manufacturing processes.

Aquatic Nutrition Dry Fish Chum Mojo is one of the best Shrimp Chum on the market. It offers a simple, easy-to-use solution for attracting and catching bait fish to your fishing line. In addition to being easy to use, it’s also affordable which means you can purchase more than one pack so that you never run out when needed most.

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2. Bait Binder The ‘Original’ Bait Kit

Bait Binder is a product that specializes in building extremely effective bait for a variety of different species, including shrimp. They have been creating the best quality, most innovative and effective baits for decades.

For over 20 years, fishermen and crabbers have trusted the bait binder in all types of water for attracting shrimp, crabs, crawfish and bait fish. Now you can use this product to attract any creature that swims or crawls in salt or fresh water.

The Bait Binder brand is quickly becoming the standard for shrimp chum. They offer a variety of products to suit your needs and budget, including their original bait kit.

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3. Aquatic Nutrition Shrimp Chum Pellets

Have you ever tried to find the perfect bait, but come up empty handed? There is a solution! Aquatic Nutrition has introduced shrimp chum pellets that attract all types of fish. These pellets are made with over 90% whole shrimp combined with fish, squid, shellfish bits and baitfish oils.

They are designed to slowly dissolve emitting an irresistible trail of scent bits down current of your location which causes bottom fish follow the trail to its source and top feeders will be attracted by the smell as well. The best part about these pellets is that they don’t need refrigeration so there is no risk of spoilage or having them go bad on you.

Aquatic Nutrition Shrimp Chum Pellets is one of the best shrimp chum on the market. Made from 100% natural ingredients, this product has a long shelf life and can be used with confidence by consumers who want to add an extra kick to their bait.

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4. Aquatic Nutrition Chum Ball Kit

Aquatic Nutrition Chum Ball Kit is a must-have for anyone who loves to fish. This kit makes the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for fishing enthusiasts. The kit contains everything you need to create an all-natural chum ball that will attract more fish and help you catch even bigger ones!

The kit includes premixed chum ball mix, with key ingredients that include rolled oats, menhaden/bunker/pokey bits, loads of shrimp, squid, clam, crab, bait fish, and various oils. It also includes special ingredients that will keep the mixture from breaking apart when in contact with water.

The Aquatic Nutrition Chum Ball Kit is a top seller in the shrimp chum category. It comes with everything you need to start catching more shrimp and fish than ever before, including live baitfish that will attract your catch.

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5. Aquatic Nutrition Flats Magic Shrimp Chum

I have been fishing for over 20 years and I can honestly say that the most important part of my success has been the quality of my bait. It’s just like any other sport, if you want to be successful at it then you need to invest in some good equipment.

Aquatic Nutrition has developed the perfect solution for targeting flats species. Flats magic shrimp chum pellets contain over 80% shrimp and squid combined with baitfish oil which will emit an irresistible trail of scent. The pellets are designed to dissolve slowly so that they emit an irresistible trail of scent which attracts almost all flats fish including redfish, flounder, sheepshead, drum and most other species. This product is compact dry and concentrated making it easy to store on your boat or in your tackle box without worrying about refrigeration.

Aquatic Nutrition Flats Magic Shrimp Chum is one of the best shrimp chums on the market. It has a unique flavor that attracts fish and it’s also perfect for all types of fishing, which means you can use less to get more out of your catch.

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Buyer’s Guide

What is Shrimp Chum? Shrimp chum, or shrimp bait, are a type of food that fishermen use to attract and catch a variety of bait and game fish. Shrimp chum is mostly made of shrimp but can also be made out of different ingredients such as fish parts, squid or even crab. Shrimpers usually pack the chum in containers which they throw overboard into the water near their boat.

What’s so great about shrimp chum?

Shrimp have been long recognized as an excellent all around bait by fishermen and have been used for centuries. Shrimp are plentiful in many parts of the world which means they’re easy to catch and abundant when compared other baits like squid, herring or even wet dog food. The salty taste associated with shrimp make them one of the most effective baits available on today’s market especially for hard biting game fishes such as striped bass, bluefish, and salmon.

What is the best shrimp chum?

The best shrimp chum is Aquatic Nutrition’s Dry Fish Chum Mojo. This product is by far the most effective and it makes catching a variety of fish much, much easier! This chum is guaranteed to drive lots of baitfish to your location which will attract larger species looking to feed on them.

What is the cheapest shrimp chum?

When I want the cheapest shrimp chum money can buy, I go straight to Aquatic Nutrition’s Shrimp Chum Pellets. Don’t let its low price fool you – as with all Aquatic Nutrition products, these are definitely effective and have a very long shelf life so you don’t have to worry about them going bad on you.