🐟 The Top 5 Best Shad Cast Nets Compared

Cast nets are excellent for catching a variety of fish, especially shad. The best part about using cast nets is that they can be extremely effective and catch multiple fish at one time. They’re also easy on the budget and great for beginners to use!

Shad is a popular bait for catching bass because it has a high protein content. If you’re looking to catch more fish, then using the best shad cast nets will make your job easier.

With so many different brands of cast net out there, how do you know which ones are worth buying? And how will you know which net is the perfect size to catch shad? That’s why we’ve done some research and found five of the best cast nets specifically for catching shad and have listed them in ascending order to make your next purchase as easy as possible.

  1. Fitec RS750 Super Spreader Cast Net
  2. UGM Saltwater Fishing Cast Net
  3. Goture American Saltwater Cast Net
  4. Yeahmart Handmade Shad Cast Net
  5. Betts Old Salt Premium Cast Net for Shad

Our Top Overall Pick

Fitec RS750 Super Spreader Cast NetCheck Price
UGM Saltwater Fishing Cast NetCheck Price
Goture American Saltwater Cast NetCheck Price
Yeahmart Handmade Shad Cast NetCheck Price
Betts Old Salt Premium Cast Net for ShadCheck Price

Top 5 Best Shad Cast Nets

1. Fitec RS750 Super Spreader Cast Net

The Fitec RS750 Super Spreader Cast Net is a must-have for any fisherman looking to advance their casting net skills. This product boasts an innovative design that maximizes the spread and effectiveness of your cast, while also providing unmatched durability no matter what kind of fish you’re hunting. We strongly recommend this net for all fisherman regardless of skill level.

With 50 years of experience and a team dedicated to making the best nets possible, Fitec continues to be #1 year after year. Designed with strong polycarbonate strings and nylon mesh, this system can hold up against even the biggest fish. So put away your old crappy net and invest in something that will last for generations!

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2. UGM Saltwater Fishing Cast Net

Quality craftsmanship and masterful technology combine to create the UGM Fishing Cast Net. These nets are crafted with high quality transparent threads, 3/8 inch mesh size, 0.3mm thickness and are made of copolymer monofilament material that is hand-knitted together for a tight seal against escaping baitfish. Don’t worry about polluting our environment: this durable net is wastewater safe and it sinks quickly with just one throw!

Whether you’re fishing in the salt water or freshwater we have options for every need – available sizes include 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 feet which is more than enough space to catch nearly any fish you’re likely to find.

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3. Goture American Saltwater Cast Net

The Goture American Saltwater Cast Net is the perfect saltwater fishing net for any fisherman. Featuring a 6-inch radius, it can be used to catch just about any fish in shallow and deep water. It’s perfect for catching live bait with half mesh size 0.3mm copolymer monofilament mesh that offers significant savings in bait cost! The hand line is 32 long and braided poly cord secured with a commercial-grade 2 inch anodized swivel. Included with your purchase are a throwing aid belt, a guide on how to use your net, full page illustrations showing you how to properly position and cast.

This cast net is designed to catch even the smallest fish with ease. Boasting a durable copolymer monofilament mesh that allows live bait extraction in deeper waters or currents, its tapered edge prevents smaller baits from escaping their deep drowning doom. With so many features, this net will make sure that any unfortunate not-so-pretty surprises aren’t going to be ruining your day!

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4. Yeahmart Handmade Shad Cast Net

The Yeahmart Handmade Shad Cast Net is the perfect fishing net for any shad-catching fisherman. It’s made of durable and copolymer monofilament mesh, easy to throw and boasts a high quality craftsmanship that makes it a must-have in all fishermen’s arsenal.

This is a no frills 4 ft x 3/8 inch cast net that’s worth every penny for any fisherman. Want to know how to get your money’s worth? Use this hand-made, copolymer threaded mesh and heavy duty zinc sinkers when you want to capture shad in deeper water or where the current is too strong! It might be relatively light weight but it can still hold up even through its toughest fishing conditions. With a generous 4 foot radius, you’ll be far less likely to miss your target. At last, a cost effective cast net that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

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5. Betts Old Salt Premium Cast Net for Shad

The Betts Old Salt Premium Cast Net for Shad is an ideal fishing net that includes a utility container to hold hooks, lures and other useful supplies. This fishing net measures 4-feet by 3/8-inch and weighs 1-pound per foot and is extremely easy to use against all kinds of shad and bait fish.

When not in use this versatile cast net can be folded up into itself to one fourth of its size. It also includes easy-to-read ‘how to’ instructions on catching all types of bait and how to properly use this cast net.

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Buyer’s Guide

Shad cast nets are a type of fishing net that is used to catch shad. They can be bought in any store that carries fishing equipment, but if you want the best quality, then it’s important to know what to look for and where to buy your next one. In this article we’ll go over everything you need to know about shad cast nets so you can make an informed purchase decision.

Why use a cast net to catch shad?

Shad tend to swim in schools and are typically the first fish that fishermen catch, so if you know how to cast a net then it will be easy for you to catch multiples at once! One cast can catch multiple shad quite easily, providing you know how to throw the net.

What size mesh does my cast net need to catch shad?

3/8 inch is the standard size for catching shad, though you can go all the way up to 5/8 inch if you’re planning on aiming for larger fish. Most of the nets that we’ve reviewed above are at the 3/8″ mark as they work well with most of the shad you’re likely to encounter.

How much should my shad cast net weigh?

The heavier the cast net, the faster it will sink and thus the more fish you’ll catch. That’s why we recommend around one pound per square foot, though you should be just fine with .75 pounds per square foot. Generally speaking, anything below that will mean the shad will get away before the net sinks fast enough to ensnare them.

What size cast net should I use for shad?

Whatever the maximum legal size is for your state. Each state has different guidance on this matter so it varies significantly, but generally speaking a four foot radius cast net is legal in most states. But if you can use larger then we’d highly suggest you go for larger.

Just keep in mind that it may be more difficult to cast the larger nets, but once you get it down you shouldn’t have much of a problem.

How do you throw a cast net?

A cast net is thrown by swinging it in an arc, and once the fisherman releases his or her grip on the edge of the net, gravity will pull them down towards their target. Knowing how to throw a shad cast nets takes some practice but there are plenty of tutorials online that can help you get started.

Where and when is a good time to use a cast net to catch shad?

A good place for fishermen who want to catch lots of shad might be near tidal pools or at night when these fish can’t see very well because their eyesight isn’t great. The best time to catch shad is during low tide around dusk or dawn because there tend to be more schools of shad congregating around.

What should I do with my shad after catching them?

You can keep your catch alive by storing it in a live well until you’re ready to release them. You’ll want to make sure the water is clean and aerated before tossing any in, though. Keep in mind it’s notoriously difficult to keep shad alive in most circumstances so you’ll want to use them as soon as possible.

Why do shad die so fast?

Shad are hyper sensitive to the condition of the water. Too much ammonia or not enough oxygen are the two most common reasons shad die so quickly so it can be very difficult for fisherman to keep them alive for any significant amount of time.

What are some other fish you can catch with a cast net?

Most baitfish make excellent targets for your cast net, like pinfish or minnows. You can even use a cast net to catch shrimp if you manage to find them. You shouldn’t have much of a problem catching large amounts of any schooling fish provided you get good at casting the net itself.

How do I get used to using a cast net?

The best way to learn is by practicing on land or in shallow water with a light weight. Pay attention as it will take some time before you’ll start hitting your target on every try. Keep at it though if you want to master this fishing technique!

How do I clean my cast net after using it?

Once your net is back on board, wash it off by using a bucket of water and some dish detergent. Remember to rinse the soap out in fresh water for best results! Rinse with clean water at least once more after that before hanging up the net so as not to leave any residue or mildew behind when you’re storing it away.

How do I store my cast net?

When not in use, it’s best to fold your net and keep it with the cord wrapped around. The metal ring should be placed on the underside of the loop that is used for casting so that you can hold onto it when you need to retrieve the net from its storage place. That way, if a storm comes through or something else throws your boat off course, at least you’ll have some sort of protection from being blown away by strong winds!

What is the best shad cast net?

The best cast net for shad is the Fitec RS750 Super Spreader. It’s got a lot of features that will make your fishing experience more enjoyable, like its extra-large frame for catching fish and large capacity mesh bag to hold all those big catches!

What is the cheapest shad cast net?

The UGM Saltwater Fishing Cast Net is one of the cheapest nets you can buy and it has everything you would ever want for catching shad, which also makes it great for beginners and those who want cast net lessons.