🏖️ The Best Sand Spikes for Surf Fishing

What’s the point of having a great beach day if your feet are hurting and you’re baking in the hot afternoon sun? Sand spikes were invented to solve this problem. These plastic, steel or aluminum tools are designed specifically to be placed into the sand and to hold your rod while you wait for a bite.

To make your choice simpler, we have compiled a list of the top five best sand spikes on the market to help you find out which one is right for you!

  1. Sea Striker PVC Sand Spike
  2. Fish-N-Mate Anodized Sand Spike
  3. Keklle ‘The Beast’ Sand Spike & Rod Holder
  4. K&E Sand Spike & Rod Holder
  5. HURRICANE Tubular Sand Spike

Our Top Overall Pick

Sea Striker PVC Sand SpikeCheck Price
Fish-N-Mate Anodized Sand SpikeCheck Price
Keklle 'The Beast' Sand Spike & Rod HolderCheck Price
K&E Sand Spike & Rod HolderCheck Price
HURRICANE Tubular Sand SpikeCheck Price

Top 5 Best Sand Spikes

1. Sea Striker PVC Sand Spike

The Sea Striker PVC sand spike is the essential tool for any beach angler. It can’t be overstated how frustrating and tiring it can be to hold your rod on a hot beach all afternoon. The Sea Striker PVC sand spike offers a foolproof way to hold your rod while relaxing on the beach.

These free-standing sand spikes offer unparalleled stability during those exasperating long distance casts and will surely save time and energy while still enabling you to maximize your catches.

Made of PVC and manufactured in China, this 36 inch sand spike is a great place to set your rod down. Thanks to it’s construction you don’t need to worry about rust or corrosion and it will hold steady even when snagging the larger fishes you’re likely to encounter.

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2. Fish-N-Mate Anodized Sand Spike

Fish-N-Mate is the perfect way to prevent rod slippage and deal with the most common problem of beach anglers: where to set down your rod. This anodized sand spike slips easily into the sand or in between rocks when you sit down for a break, and offers friction and weight enough to keep it firmly in place. And unlike other spikes on the market that are made with rubber or plastic grippers which slip around frequently and wear out quickly, Fish-N-Mate doesn’t discriminate what type of sand you’re working with. Plus the easy grip design allows for instant insertion into any beach environment.

This lightweight but sturdy sand spike will not disappoint as it lasts 5x longer than the competition. Keep your rods upright for easy searching, free up your hands to hold something else (like ice cream), and make sure you stay by the waterline when dragging a heavy fish onto shore!

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3. Keklle ‘The Beast’ Sand Spike & Rod Holder

When you want to protect your rods from all those sand and salt mixes in the ocean, DO NOT use a regular rod holder. Get The Beast by Keklle. It can go up to 25 inches into the sand and has 57 awesome adjustable settings! Don’t be shy when it comes to protecting your prized fishing rod and reel – this product will be worth every penny with its modern design, durable material and easy assembly that is a perfect fit on any fishing rod.

No one wants their favorite rod or lure to have an unfortunate accident on a loose spike so these must have innovations guarantee it never happens again!

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4. K&E Sand Spike & Rod Holder

No fisherman needs to worry about losing his rod, no matter how large the fish you snag. With K&E’s Sand-Spike Rod & Reel Holder, your rods are always safe with you on the beach!

Do you want to spend the day on the sand, fishing from any and every angle possible? This easy-to-use K&E Sand Spike & Rod Holder is perfect for looking out over a pond or ocean. It’s made with durable, high quality materials that will not wear down and snap like other PVC holders.

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5. HURRICANE Tubular Sand Spike

Are you a fisherman? You’re in luck, we have just what you need. Hurricane’s newest Tubular Sand Spike is great for those fishing beaches or surf. It also comes with an awesome stainless steel center pin which provides protection against corrosion so your rod won’t rust under the sun!

Pull up beach chair and enjoy your afternoon with this excellent invention that can be pushed easily into any beach or sandy area without causing any damage to nearby vegetation due to its non-corrosive material construction of plastic and steel making it immensely strong and durable.

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Buyer’s Guide

Sand spikes are an essential tool for any beach fisherman. They are easily placed into the sand and allow you to hold your rod and reel while you wait for a bite.

They can have a flat, rounded or pointed end for different fishing situations. The most common sand spike is made from metal or PVC and offers a hands-free way to keep your rod safe and secure away from the salt and sand that can wreak havoc on your equipment.

To make selecting a sand spike as easy as possible we’ve reviewed the best options on the market and have determined which features are the most important.

What are the most important features of a sand spike?

A good thing to keep in mind is what type of ground you’ll be using it on; whether its hard packed dirt or soft beach powder, there are different options available and each have their strengths and weaknesses which we’ve outlined below.

If you are on the hunt for a sand spike specifically for surf fishing, then we recommend considering one that has a pointed end. This will allow your rod to stand up in tall waves while keeping it out of harm’s way from thrashing fish or big breaking waves.

What can sand spikes be made of?

The type of material a sand spike is made out of can have an impact on its durability as well as the feel when it’s being used. There are three general options to choose from: plastic, metal and wood; each with their own pros and cons which we’ve outlined below.

Plastic Options – Plastic spikes tend to be more affordable than other materials but they also generally will not last as long. A major downside for this option is that there isn’t much flexibility in choosing what color you want your sand spike to be since most come in just one shade, usually black or white. Another issue with them is that if they will be nearly impossible to fix.

Metal Options – Metal spikes can be more expensive than plastic ones but they are also generally sturdier. A major upside to metal is that the options for color are nearly limitless since there’s a wide variety of colors and styles available, so you’ll likely find one that fits your taste. Furthermore, if something does happen with it like breaking off or wearing out over time then it will usually just need a quick fix rather than being completely replaced which makes them cost-effective in the long run as well.

Wood Options – There is no denying that wood sand spikes tend to look very attractive because of their natural finish; however, this option has some drawbacks as well such as needing periodic maintenance (painting/sealing) and you’ll need to keep them in a cool, dry place to prevent them from rotting.

Since sand spikes are made of different materials it’s important to note that there will be variations in the appearance, texture and weight. These differences can also affect how stable the spike is so keep these factors in mind when shopping around for your perfect match!

Do I need a sand spike to go surf fishing?

Not technically, you can use a rock or chunk of wood if it’s in an area where the ground is hard; however, sand spikes are really handy to have around because they allow you to relax and get comfortable while waiting to catch a fish. All you’ll need to do is find a big enough piece of driftwood and one or two sand spikes (depending on how heavy your fishing gear is) and bam! You’re all set up for hours – no digging required!

Keep in mind that this can be very dangerous as your rod may fall and get sand or salt water in the reel which can cause serious damage. So if you have a more expensive rod/reel you’ll definitely want to invest in a sturdy and durable sand spike.

What is the best sand spike?

The best sand spike is Sea Striker PVC sand spike. Not only does it have great reviews, but it’s also made of extraordinarily durable material and won’t rust or break. It can also easily hold rods and reels of all sizes.

What is the cheapest sand spike?

If you’re looking for a cheap option, go with the Sea Striker PVC Sand Spike. It’s still durable and easy to move around, but won’t break your budget either!