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🦀🔺 The Best Pyramid & Star Crab Traps

Pyramid and star crab traps are a classic favorite among crabbers. The biggest perk of these types of traps is that they are fully foldable and can collapse for easy transport and storage. While most pyramid traps require some rigging in order to get them to work properly, once done they can be a reliable and effective way to catch crabs.

If you’re new to crabbing and aren’t looking for a crab trap that requires you to make modifications and extra purchases you may be better suited with a ring net crab trap or a traditional heavy-duty crab trap.

Our Top Overall Pick

Danielson Star Crab Trap
  • Floor Size: 16" x 16"
  • Height: 10.5"
  • Steel wire construction with black enamel finish.
  • Comes with poly crabbing line.
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Eagle Claw Pyramid Crab Trap
  • Floor Size: 16" x 16"
  • Painted black.
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Top 2 Best Pyramid Crab Traps for Crabbing

1. Danielson Star Crab Trap – Best for Star Crab Pots

  • Floor Size: 16″ x 16″
  • Height: 10.5″
  • Steel wire construction with black enamel finish.
  • Comes with poly crabbing line.

Danielson is a popular manufacturer of a variety of crabbing and clamming equipment and they’re known for their well-made products. Their star crab pot is a great, inexpensive way of catching both blue and dungeness crabs. This particular trap comes fully equipped with pre-tied crabbing line and the steel wire is coated in a black enamel to prevent rust and corrosion.

Perhaps the best thing about pyramid crab traps is that they easily fold down for easy storage and transport.

The biggest drawback to star traps is that they tend to get knocked around in the waves which may cause you to lose some of your crab catch. And unless you use a specifically designed four-armed crab trap harness the trap may not close properly during the retrieval process which can cause some of the crabs to slip out. While this trap may come with some crabbing line, we still strongly recommend you pick up a harness to ensure it closes properly.

  • Inexpensive.
  • Includes a pre-tied crabbing line.
  • Folds down for easy storage.

  • The metal isn’t particularly durable or resilient and may bend or break over time.
  • The lightweight construction causes the trap to become pushed around in heavier waves.
  • You’ll want to buy an extra four-arm crab harness so you can reliably retrieve the pot.

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2. Eagle Claw Pyramid Crab Trap – Best for Pyramid Crab Pots

  • Floor Size: 16″ x 16″
  • Painted black.

Eagle Claw has been manufacturing fishing products for nearly 90 years and are known for their quality construction. The actual metal construction is quite strong and durable, the only real problem is the string they use to tie it together is very weak and breaks easily. If you do go with this pyramid trap you’ll need to be sure to replace the line so it closes properly.

This is a pretty common issue among pyramid crab traps – you need to do a big of rigging and make alterations to the construction in order to make it work properly. Once you replace the string with a stronger line and rig it with a four-arm crab harness it dramatically improves the functionality of the pot and makes it much better to use.

If you’re comfortable making the necessary alterations you can definitely make pyramid traps work. The big upside is that these traps can be significantly cheaper than other pots but you know what they say: you get what you pay for.

  • Painted black to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Cheaper than other types of crab pots.
  • Collapsible for easy transportation.

  • Will need to replace the string it comes tied with.
  • Requires some modifications to make it work properly.

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Buyer’s Guide

Before you decide on a pyramid crab trap we strongly recommend you determine which attributes it needs to have. There’s quite a bit of variety among pyramid crab traps so we went ahead and broke down the most important details so you can decide for yourself what’s most important before you buy it online.

Modifying a Pyramid/Star Crab Trap

Pretty much all pyramid and star traps on the market will require you to modify them before use. While most of the other types of crab traps can be used without modifications or additions, pyramid traps have a lot of loose pieces and usually need to be reinforced in order to ensure it’s longevity. For starters, you’ll want to restring the four pieces of line that connect to the ends of each triangle so they are the perfect length. The line that comes with most pyramid traps is generally pretty weak and won’t hold up over time and is often too long to fold up the trap during the retrieval process. Below is a great example of how to modify your trap in order to make it work:

The Harness

One of the biggest problems people have with star crab traps is that they don’t close properly while you pull them up. That’s why we strongly recommend you pick up a crab trap harness that ensures that the line doesn’t get tangled and the four triangles closes properly.

Rust/Corrosion Prevention

Salt water can wreak havoc on untreated metal so you’ll need to be sure to pick up a trap that comes with an enamel or painted coating that is specifically designed to prevent rust and corrosion. If you want to be sure you’re preventing damage to your trap you’ll want to rinse it with freshwater after each use so the saltwater won’t have time to eat away at the metal.


The best part of star crab traps is that they can fold down when transporting and storing which can significantly save space. While this may make this trap much more convenient, it also means the moving pieces are prone to breaking or damage so you may need to use zip-ties to repair any broken pieces.


Be sure to check whether or not the manufacturer offers a warranty on the item you intend to purchase. While Amazon should cover broken or defective items upon delivery, it’s up to the manufacturer as to whether they will provide a replacement after it’s been used. Compare different pyramid crab trap sellers to see if any of them will offer replacements in the event it breaks from normal use.

Return Policy

Even if everything works properly, you may discover you’ve ordered the wrong pyramid crab trap for your needs which may require a return. Be sure to check with the vendor before purchasing to see if they will allow a return and if so, under what circumstances.


Shipping is easily one of the most annoying costs associated with making online purchases. Be sure to compare the shipping costs to your location prior to making a purchase so you don’t end up spending more than you bargained for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which pyramid crab trap is the cheapest?

If you’re shopping for the lowest priced pyramid crab trap you can find then we recommend the Danielson Star Crab Trap. Of all the pyramid crab traps we’ve reviewed, none of the others can beat it’s price.

How do you rig a pyramid trap with crab bait?

You’ll need to manually install a crab bait cage or net into the floor of the trap in order to attract crabs. There’s a great, easy to follow video that shows you step-by-step how to bait your trap below:

How do you restring a pyramid crab trap?

It can be a bit tricky to describe with words, so we decided to include an easy to follow video that shows you exactly how to do it. In the video they use a wire line but you can just as easily use a durable crabbing line which is generally easier to work with:

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