🎣 The Top 5 Best Pen Fishing Rods & Reels Reviewed

With so much new fishing equipment on the market it can be hard to find the right gear for your needs. Fishing rods are just one example of this, and there are hundreds of different options out there. Many people aren’t even aware that there are mini pen fishing rods that are highly portable and can be easily stored and transported without taking up much room.

Pen fishing rods are a great way to catch some fish and have fun on the water without the hassle of carrying around alot of equipment. The best pen fishing rods on the market are usually lightweight, durable, and easy to use. They’re also a great way to get outside and enjoy nature without wasting time preparing for your trip.

In this blog post we’ll be reviewing five different models that stand out from the rest and will help you catch those elusive fish with ease!

  1. Lixada Pen Fishing Rod & Reel Combo
  2. G Ganen Mini Fishing Rod Pen
  3. MultiOutools Pen Fishing Rod and Reel
  4. MultiOutools Pen Fishing Pole
  5. Outamateur Pen Fishing Rod & Reel Combo

Our Top Overall Pick

Lixada Pen Fishing Rod & Reel ComboCheck Price
G Ganen Mini Fishing Rod PenCheck Price
MultiOutools Pen Fishing Rod and ReelCheck Price
MultiOutools Pen Fishing PoleCheck Price
Outamateur Pen Fishing Rod & Reel ComboCheck Price

Top 5 Best Pen Fishing Rods

1. Lixada Pen Fishing Rod & Reel Combo

Lixada Pen Fishing Rod & Reel Combo is the perfect pen rod for this season. Crafted of durable glass steel fiber, it can hold a large-size fish with no problem at all. The aluminum alloy shell makes it corrosion resistant, while the 2+1BB reel ensures your line runs through smoothly and without tangles. When you’re done fishing, simply collapse it down to an 8″ length for easy storage

Designed with freshwater and saltwater fishing in mind, these smaller-sized rods offer great performance and are easy to operate regardless of weather. Small enough to fit in a pocket or a tackle box without cluttering up precious space, this mini combo will make any fisherman grateful they invested in two popular pieces of equipment instead of just one!

The reel is a mini spinning type that offers 4.3:1 gear ratio, 2+1BB with copper axis, exclusive anti-reverse clutch system and wide spool opening so you can easily retrieve your line.

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2. G Ganen Mini Fishing Rod Pen

The G Ganen Mini Fishing Rod Pen is the perfect solution for avid fishermen who always want their favorite pastime with them. Pocket-sized, portable and easy-to-handle, it’s an excellent choice as a gift for that avid angler in your life!

Welcome to one of the best fishing rods in its class! This mini, pocket-sized pen rod is a compact, portable fishing rod for your on-the go fishing trips. It features durable material and long performance and an aluminium alloy reel that boasts both forward and reverse ratchets so you can control the drag and collect your catch with ease!

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3. MultiOutools Pen Fishing Rod and Reel

A fishing pole you can take anywhere, the MultiOutools Pen Fishing Rod and Reel comes with a left and right interchangeable reel that is anti-reverse and designed to work on both freshwater and saltwater. Wherever you need it, the rod has high quality fiberglass material for extra durability and is extremely portable as it fits easily in your glovebox.

Made out of lightweight aluminum and glass fiber to keep weight down while being durable enough to last through all types of fishing situations: saltwater or freshwater! Weighing less than half a pound with gear ratio of 4.3:1 for more movement in the line when casting, this rod will easily fit into your pocket for quick access whenever an opportunity presents itself.

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4. MultiOutools Pen Fishing Pole

This pen-sized fishing set is perfect for that person who always seems to forget their gear, or struggles to find a bag big enough. At just 20cm long it will easily slip into any coat pocket and take up barely any room. Each MultiOutools Fishing Rod is made of lightweight aluminium which adds even less weight in your pack – only 60g! Being so small means these rods have been specially designed with flexibility in mind so they are great at adapting to whatever conditions you encounter, no matter how rough the day gets. The glass fibre material on offer from this company is also strong and resists wear well, meaning your rod won’t be damaged by repetitive use.

Small enough to carry in your hand but powerful enough to reel in even large fish. If you’re looking for something small for yourself or someone else that loves being outdoors, check it out.

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5. Outamateur Pen Fishing Rod & Reel Combo

This is a combo that will make any fisherman’s day. This rod and reel are made using premium quality aluminum alloy, making it durable and sturdy enough to be used for many seasons of fishing. The fish can never resist this corrosion resistant rods! Just because it’s lightweight doesn’t mean it can’t catch even large fish. The handle on this kit has been specially designed to fit in places where other rods cannot go: pockets, glovebox or even in your tacklebox.

Made of aluminum alloy with glass steel fiber coating ensures that each tool is weather resistant (color fast) and corrosion resistant. With a load capacity of 1-3 kg, this set perfectly suits adults as well as children who seek a leisurely fishing experience without the hassle of lugging around lots of equipment.

With all these features, the Outamateur Pen Fishing Rod and Reel should be a welcome addition to your fishing kit! Simply throw this rod in your pocket, grab your handy tackle box, and head out. Leave nothing behind but good memories from a day well spent reeling in your catches. It only takes one quick cast (or two!) to have your pen-sized rod waiting patiently for the catch of the day. No fussing about with a heavy gear that tries to drag you down with it!

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Buyer’s Guide

Do you want to find the best fishing rod for your needs? If so, then this buyer’s guide is perfect for you. We will be discussing what the different types of rods are and what they do. Next, we will present our top picks and tell you which one is the best choice for your situation. Finally, we will give you a few tips that can help increase your chances of catching fish when using a pen fishing rod!

The first thing to know about pen fishing rods is there are two main categories: fiberglass or carbon composite. A lot people choose between these two because they each have their own benefits depending on what type of angler it would suit better.

Fiberglass rods are strong but lightweight. This is great for people who do not want to be weighed down when they cast their lure or bait into the water. They also work well with larger baits since you don’t have to worry about losing your balance and dropping it in the lake, which can happen if you use a heavier rod.*

Carbon composite fishing rods are typically stiffer and much lighter than fiberglass rods. The main benefit of these types of fishing poles is that they allow more accurate casting at longer distances as well as better hook sets on fish. These type of pen fishing rods might cost a little bit more initially compared to other styles, but the overall benefits make them worthwhile over time!

Are pen fishing rods any good?

Pen fishing rods are great because they’re lightweight and easy to use for any novice angler. They will also work well with both large and small bait such as live or cut bait, plus you don’t have to worry about balancing the pole while casting. The main drawback is that pen fishing rigs are typically limited in line capacity which can be a problem if you want to fish deep water.

Are pen fishing rods good for beginners?

They’re great for beginners because they are lightweight and easy to use while casting at shorter distances. Pen Rods have some limitations in terms of line capacity, but otherwise can work well when catching fish within 30 yards or so from shoreline areas.

How strong are pen fishing rods?

Pen fishing rods are typically lightweight and sturdy, depending on the design of the rod. The lighter a pen fishing rig is, the weaker it will be in terms of handling heavy fish or fighting against strong winds. Thicker poles can be more durable but may not have as much sensitivity if you’re working with live baitfish for instance.

Do I have to clean my pen fishing rod?

Cleaning the rod is important in order to keep it operating smoothly. You should always wipe down your fishing rods with a cloth or rag after every use and store them away from any saltwater, sunlight, extreme temperatures (hot/cold) or other harsh conditions that can damage its metal components.

How much do pen fishing rods weigh?

It varies by model, but typically they weigh between 2-8 ounces which makes them perfect for transporting and storing.

Does my pen fishing rod have to be a particular length?

The best size of the rod depends on your needs and what you’re looking for in terms of performance, portability or whatever else is important to you. For instance some people prefer shorter rods because they offer easier storage and transport while others want extra long rods that let them catch larger fish. The good news is there are lots of options available so take a look at our selection and find the perfect one for your next adventure!

What is the best pen fishing rod?

As a fisherman, I highly recommend the Lixada Pen Fishing Rod & Reel Combo. It’s lightweight and easy to transport and it has a sturdy design that will last for years! You can even attach it to your backpack for fishing on the go!

What is the cheapest pen fishing rod?

The G Ganen Mini Fishing Rod Pen is the cheapest fishing rod you can get. It’s very small and portable while still being strong enough to handle most fish you’re likely to encounter on your next trip.