🐟 The Best Menhaden Oil for Fishing

Menhaden is a small, oily fish found throughout the Atlantic Ocean. It is an important part of many aquatic ecosystems because it feeds on plankton and other small organisms.

A new study by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has shown that the fishery species Menhaden, also known as “bunker,” is a vital part of the diet for many marine animals like fish, dolphins, whales, sea turtles and birds. The study was conducted to provide information on how menhaden feed into food chains in order to establish sustainable management practices for this keystone species.

They are used to make everything from fertilizer to lipstick. Menhaden have been called “the most important fish you never heard of” because they help keep our waterways clean by eating other sea creatures and then being eaten themselves by larger predators.

It’s hard to find the best Menhaden oils on the market. There are so many brands with different ingredients, and prices that it can be overwhelming. That is why we’ve done the research for you!

In this article we will review the top five products and help you make an educated purchase decision that meets your needs. There are a number of things to consider when looking for such a product, from cost effectiveness to it’s shelf life and we will cover all of that in depth below.

  1. Aquatic Nutrition Menhaden Oil
  2. Aquatic Nutrition Sinking Menhaden Oil Chum
  3. Pro-Cure Stabilized Menhaden Bait Oil
  4. Captain Charlie’s Magic Menhaden Oil
  5. Baitmaster’s Menhaden Oil Fish Attractant

Our Top Overall Pick

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Aquatic Nutrition Sinking Menhaden Oil ChumCheck Price
Pro-Cure Stabilized Menhaden Bait OilCheck Price
Captain Charlie's Magic Menhaden OilCheck Price
Baitmaster's Menhaden Oil Fish AttractantCheck Price

Top 5 Best Menhaden Oils

1. Aquatic Nutrition Menhaden Oil

Most people don’t know that the Menhaden fish is one of the most important fish in our oceans. This small, oily fish provides food for larger predatory species like tuna which makes it an ideal bait, especially in concentrated for.

Aquatic Nutrition Menhaden Oil is a fish attractant that can be used for offshore and inshore species. The oil uses the alluring scent of the popular bait fish, menhaden, to attract fish and trigger strikes. Whether it’s dipped in the water or mixed with your favorite homemade chum, 100% pure mojo menhaden oil will work on kingfish, sailfish, stripers, shark, mahi-mahi, wahoo and tuna among many other pelagics. Plus, the easy to use formula requires no mixing and can be applied to whatever bait you preferred very quickly.

When it comes to menhaden oil, Aquatic Nutrition is one of the best brands on the market. They offer a variety of different fishing products and are known throughout the industry for their effectiveness and inexpensive price.

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2. Aquatic Nutrition Sinking Menhaden Oil Chum

Aquatic Nutrition Sinking Menhaden Oil Chum is an all-natural, organic chum that will attract the fish you want by creating a potent cloud of oil in the water. It is designed for use in freshwater lakes, ponds, rivers and streams for catching king mackerel, cobia, striped bass, most pelagics and snapper and grouper among other species.

This sinking menhaden oil chum has been designed to disperse a cloud over 2 feet long containing billions of tiny scent droplets. Chum cloud can be dripped over the side of a boat or soaked into trolling baits to increase the attraction rate or even mixed with your favorite ingredients to make a custom chum recipe.

The Aquatic Nutrition Sinking Menhaden Oil Chum is a 100% natural, sustainable and highly effective fish bait with unique sinking properties. It can be used as chum or in conjunction with other attractants to catch more fish than ever before.

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3. Pro-Cure Stabilized Menhaden Bait Oil

Pro-Cure Stabilized Menhaden Bait Oil is a great bait oil for fishing, with an appealing scent and long lasting effectiveness. This unique fish oil has been scientifically proven to help increase catches and reduce fouling on hooks, making it one of the most popular bait enhancers on the market today!

These oils can be used for marinating or injecting baits, and the unique scent is known to trigger bites. Along with being powerful bite stimulants, these products are also enhanced with UV Flash which gives them an extra flash when they get wet on your fishing line. Made in America and available at tackle stores nationwide, this oil is a must have for salt water anglers looking to bring in more fish than before!

This is easily one of the best Menhaden Oils on the market because it’s made with quality ingredients and has a long shelf life. You can buy this oil in bulk, which will save you money while giving you peace of mind that your bait won’t spoil before it gets used up.

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4. Captain Charlie’s Magic Menhaden Oil

Capt. Charlie’s Magic Menhaden Oil is a high-grade, natural fish attractant that has been used by successful anglers for years to create a chum slick or to enhance homemade or frozen chum.

This oil can also be added to their ‘No Freeze Chum’ if more oil is desired and it can even be applied directly onto your lure or bait for increased effectiveness. If you are looking for an effective way of attracting tuna, mahi-mahi, striped bass, bluefish and other species of saltwater gamefish then this is an excellent choice.

Captain Charlie’s Magic Menhaden Oil is a top quality product that will work wonders at attracting a large variety of fish. You don’t have to take my word for it though; read the reviews on Amazon or visit their website to learn about how effective this oil really is.

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5. Baitmaster’s Menhaden Oil Fish Attractant

Baitmaster’s Menhaden Oil Fish Attractant is perfect for anglers who want to make their bait more attractive to fish. A little goes a long way, and it will attract many more fish than untreated bait. This product can be used with any type of bait and has been proven effective in attracting both saltwater and freshwater species.

It’s made of all natural organic ingredients and will not harm the environment. Put a few drops of oil directly on natural bait or artificial lures and watch the fish go wild! Add menhaden oil to frozen chum blocks or drip oil on the water surface to create an oil slick to draw fish right to your boat or fishing spot. When making your own fish chum, adding menhaden oil to your chum mix will make it super powerful and more effective at drawing in prey.

After extensive research and testing we’ve found that Baitmaster Menhaden Oil Fish Attractant is one of the best menhaden oils on the market. We cannot recommend it enough to anyone who needs a quality product at an affordable price point. This oil will make your fishing experience better than ever before!

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Buyer’s Guide

Menhaden oil is a popular fish oil that has been used for centuries by fishermen to attract a wide variety of fish. It’s primarily used as an attractant that is added onto regular bait to increase it’s effectiveness. This is done by either dipping or soaking the bait into the menhaden oil and allowing it to absorb the odor and taste, which significantly increases the ability to attract fish to your bait.

Where do you buy menhaden oil?

There are a few places you can buy Menhaden oils, the most common being in bait shops. Some suppliers will have it available for purchase on their website, but they may not be able to ship it outside of your state due to these products having been banned from some states and countries. If this is something that interests you then make sure to take note of where you’re located before searching online or going into stores.

How long does it take for fish to become attracted to menhaden oil?

Depending on the potency of the oil, it can attract fish in as little as 5 minutes. This is because the oil hangs in the water’s surface, which significantly increases the ability to attract fish to your bait.

How do you use menhaden oil?

Menhaden oil is not designed to replace baits, it’s simply used as a supplement to increase the effectiveness of your bait. That’s why we recommend either soaking your bait in the oil so it can absorb as much as possible or just applying it superficially to the bait so it increases the immediate effectiveness of your bait.

Does menhaden oil go bad?

It really is hard to say. Since it has such a pungent odor it’s very difficult to tell if it has turned, but even then any decline in it’s effectiveness remains unclear. What we do know is that usually old or outdated menhaden oil is very unlikely to reduce your potential catch, so there are no negative consequences to using old or expired oil.

What is the best menhaden oil?

The best menhaden oil on the market is Aquatic Nutrition’s Menhaden Oil. While it may not be the cheapest, it’s overall effectiveness and long shelf life make it the clear winner for most fishermen.

What is the cheapest menhaden oil?

The cheapest menhaden oil is Aquatic Nutrition’s Sinking Menhaden Oil Chum – while it’s manufactured by the same company that makes our #1 pick, this brand is designed to spread in a cloud and is significantly less expensive than the other options on this list.