🐟 The Best Live Bait Pens for Minnows, Menhaden & More

Live bait pens are a great product for fishermen to store their live bait and be able to access them at any time during the day. Live bait pens can also be used as a way of transporting fish that have been caught or purchased from one location to another.

They’re typically made of plastic or metal, and come in various sizes- from small containers that will hold a few minnows to large ones with room for an entire bucket full of shad.

The most important thing is the ability of the pen’s lid design because it has a direct effect on how well your live bait will survive inside. Fortunately, there are many pens with different designs that can suit your needs so we went ahead and reviewed several of them and came up with a list of the five best that you can order online today!

  1. Lindy Bait Tamer Fishing Bait Bag
  2. Frabill Floating Live Bait Pen
  3. R&R Tackle Collapsible Floating Bait Pen
  4. Promar American Maple Inc Live Bait Pen
  5. Bandito TPK50 Live Bait Pen

Our Top Overall Pick

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Frabill Floating Live Bait PenCheck Price
R&R Tackle Collapsible Floating Bait PenCheck Price
Promar American Maple Inc Live Bait PenCheck Price
Bandito TPK50 Live Bait PenCheck Price

Top 5 Best Live Bait Pens

1. Lindy Bait Tamer Fishing Bait Bag

Lindy Bait Tamer Fishing Bait Bag is a high quality fishing bait bag designed to keep your baits safe and alive. Whether you are an avid fisherman or just enjoy the occasional weekend on the lake, this product will be perfect for storing fish of any size.

With this new product, fishermen can keep their live bait submerged but accessible at all times. This live well is one of the lightest on the market and doesn’t take up much room when not in use; however it will stay open while in use so that fisherman don’t have to worry about it collapsing while they are trying to catch fish! The material is durable and washable, making this a long lasting investment for any fisherman interested in keeping their live bait alive for as long as possible.

With a wide array of features and an affordable price point, the Lindy Bait Tamer Fishing Bait Bag is one of the best Live Bait Pens on the market. In addition to being made in America, this bait bag includes plenty of storage for your catch throughout all phases of fishing.

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2. Frabill Floating Live Bait Pen

The Frabill Floating Live Bait Pen is a floating pen that holds live bait and stores it safely. It floats in water to keep your bait alive and healthy. You can use this pen for storing crawfish, minnows, or even your main catch safely and securely!

The newest member of the Frabill family, the Floating Live Bait Pen is perfect for fishermen on a pier or boat. This design provides easy access to live bait while fishing and collapses for convenient, easy storage. Made from non-corrosive materials, this pen features 3/8 inch soft polyester mesh that is fish friendly and buoyant to stay within reach but out of reach of birds and other predators.

After giving the Frabill Floating Live Bait Pen a try, we can confidently say that it is one of the best live bait pens on the market. The pen has an excellent design and features some nifty innovations in terms of how to keep your catch alive longer and get them onto hooks more quickly. This is great for fishermen who want to maximize their catch without having to haul big buckets around all day.

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3. R&R Tackle Collapsible Floating Bait Pen

The R&R Tackle’s Collapsible Floating Bait Pen is the perfect size for any fishing trip. It is collapsible, so it will not take up much space in your bag or on the boat! The bait pen has a convenient latch to keep fish securely inside and can be used as a live well or even as an ice chest.

For years, fishermen have been putting their live baits in buckets and barrels that are not designed for this purpose, which led to a loss in bait quality. This is why the new collapsible bait pen by R&R Tackle has become so popular with serious anglers who want to maximize the freshness of their catch.

This high-density foam will help maximize flotation over time, while the coated wire keeps corrosion at a minimum. The PVC frame is durable, and it only takes a few minutes to assemble!

If you’re looking for a collapsible floating bait pen that is lightweight, affordable and easy to store, be sure to check out the R&R Tackle Collapsible Floating Bait Pen. This bait pen will make it easier than ever before to catch fish in a small amount of time because it collapses down when not in use and can hold up to three times more fish than other products.

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4. Promar American Maple Inc Live Bait Pen

The Live Bait Pen is an innovative new way to keep live bait alive and ready to use. This pen can be used for a variety of different fishing situations, including freshwater or saltwater fishing, ice fishing, and even fly-fishing. It’s perfect for keeping larger baits alive and secure so you can fish for as long as you need.

Promar American Maple, Inc is a family owned business that has been manufacturing fishing and hunting gear since 1954. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, they currently manufacture more than 500 products under their brands which include live bait pens.

The live bait pen is constructed of soft Ace Nylon mesh and non-corrosive materials with a convenient floating upper compartment to keep your bait secure without running the risk of predators getting to it. These temporary bait motels are designed to provide an enhanced experience for outdoor enthusiasts who want to maximize their time on the water by not having to be constantly check on their catch.

If you’re looking for a live bait pen that will last, is easy to use and has plenty of space for storing your favorite baits, the Promar American Maple Inc Live Bait Pen may be just what you need.

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5. Bandito TPK50 Live Bait Pen

The Bandito TPK50 Live Bait Pen is a hard bait pen that allows you to carry your live baits with ease. It’s an ideal solution for the angler on the go, and it can be easily folded down for easy storage and transport.

Fishermen have long been in search of the perfect bait pen, one that can hold live bait without killing it. The problem with most pens is they are either too small and don’t work or they are too big and expensive.

It is held together with stainless steel fasteners and the black PVC coated American Made trap material has 1″ x 1″ square mesh. This bait pen is great if you want to have more than one live bait in storage at once and it’s dimensions are 2 foot diameter by 2 foot deep.

We know you need a durable product that will last long and be easy to use, which is why we designed this pen with your needs in mind. This bait pen has been extensively tested for durability against water damage, saltwater corrosion, freeze/thaw cycles, chemicals (including acids), and UV radiation – so it won’t deteriorate over time or lose its functionality when exposed to harsh elements! It also comes equipped with a latch system that prevents any unwanted escapes from happening.

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Buyer’s Guide

Live bait pens are a great way to keep your live bait alive and fresh for when the time is right. Live Bait Pens come in different sizes, so you can get one that will work best for what you need it for. This article will help you figure out which size of bait pen would be best suited to your needs!

If you’re looking for a way to store live bait without having them slip through or be eaten by other animals that might come into contact with the container- this is definitely one of your better options! It’s also handy because if anything happens during transport or storage, all you need to do is pick up the pen from its side and shake it around back and forth until everything falls out onto dry land again.

How big should my bait pen be?

That depends entirely on the amount of bait you’ll need. If you’re only looking to catch a few fish before they go bad, then a small bait pen is perfect. If you plan on catching many different types of live bait at once or need it for a long period of time, then get the biggest one that will work best with your requirements!

Do live bait pens have any drawbacks?

There’s not much downside to owning one except for having an extra thing to carry around when fishing trips take place. However, this isn’t really a downfall because many fishermen already pack quite of a bit of gear anyway!

If you’re concerned about keeping your bait or catch both alive and secure, then this is by far the easiest way to take care of that problem.

What live bait would be best in a live bait pen?

Pretty much any fish that won’t slip through the netting makes a good candidate for bait. Minnows and pinfish are some of the two most popular, but you can also use shrimp or crawfish.

Can I build my own bait pen?

It is possible to make one of these, but it’s not recommended. Live-bait pens are really quite cheap and easy to find in stores or online. The process can be tedious if you’re going about it the hard way. Instead, just buy a live bait box instead!

How long will my live fish last?

It really depends on what kind of water, how cold, how hot, etc., but anywhere around a few hours should be fine. Just make sure to keep the bait pen out of direct sunlight and to check on them frequently to make sure they’re doing alright.

What is the best live bait pen?

The best live bait pen is the Lindy Bait Tamer Fishing Bait Bag because it has a unique way of holding your catch. It comes with a strong mesh top that can easily open and close which makes it easy for you to put the fish in and take out as you need.

What is the cheapest live bait pen?

The Promar American Maple Inc Live Bait Pen is easily the most affordable bait pens on the market. Whatever few shortcomings it might have are easily overcome by it’s inexpensive price and quality construction.