🧊🎣 The Best Ice Fishing Sled Covers Reviewed

This blog post will help you understand why it is so important to buy a good ice fishing sled cover. Most people think that the only thing they need for an ice fishing trip are their poles, bait and fish houses, but this is not true. Without a proper sled cover, your boat could be at risk of being damaged by snow or rain.

With the recent cold weather we’ve been experiencing, it’s important to take care of your equipment. One way is with an ice fishing sled cover. There are a lot of different types on the market and many people want to know which one would be best for them. This article will review five brands so you can make an educated decision about what you need before buying anything else. .

  1. Eskimo: Ice Fishing Sled Travel Cover
  2. Pelican: Sled Travel Cover for Ice Fishing
  3. CLAM: Outdoor Portable Ice Fishing Travel Cover w/Pockets
  4. Shappell: Ice Fishing Sled Travel Cover
  5. FRABILL: Ice Fishing Shelter Transport Cover

Our Top Overall Pick

Eskimo: Ice Fishing Sled Travel CoverCheck Price
Pelican: Sled Travel Cover for Ice FishingCheck Price
CLAM: Outdoor Portable Ice Fishing Travel Cover w/PocketsCheck Price
Shappell: Ice Fishing Sled Travel CoverCheck Price
FRABILL: Ice Fishing Shelter Transport CoverCheck Price

Top 5 Best Ice Fishing Sled Covers

1. Eskimo: Ice Fishing Sled Travel Cover

Eskimo has released a new cover for ice fishing sleds. The new cover is made with durable 600 denier fabric, features cam strap and elastic for secure fit, sewn-in reinforced corners and wear points. It also features an adjustable bottom to keep snow and slush out while pulling or trailering your shelter. This travel cover comes in 64 inches long so it will work on most any sled that you own. This product currently ranks #63247 in the Fishing Equipment category on Amazon’s Best Sellers List which means it’s already proving popular with customers.

If you are an ice fishing enthusiast, then you know how frustrating it can be to have your sled slip off the ice. The Eskimo Ice Fishing Sled Travel Cover is one of the best options on the market for protecting your investment from harsh winter weather conditions.

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2. Pelican: Sled Travel Cover for Ice Fishing

The company has announced the release of their new utility sled covers for ice fishing that are made with high quality material. These durable utility sled covers protect your sled from snow, water and mud while you enjoy more outdoors activities like hunting, camping or fishing. For those looking to purchase a cover for their TREK 75 or 82 multi-purpose sleds, this is the perfect product as it offers a high level of experience and keeps contents safe and secure from snow, water and mud. With these winter sports quickly approaching, be sure to have one of these on top of your list when shopping around for conditions-resistant utilities sled covers.

There are plenty of ice fishing sled covers on the market, but not all offer protection in freezing temperatures. The Pelican Sled Travel Cover is one of the best choices for your ice fishing needs because it protects you and your equipment from harsh winter conditions.

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3. CLAM: Outdoor Portable Ice Fishing Travel Cover w/Pockets

CLAM, a company that specializes in portable ice fishing travel covers for both large and small shelters, has just announced the release of their new line of protective covers. These durable and weather resistant shelter covers were designed with fishers who carry their gear by sled, ATV or pickup truck in mind. The new shelter cover includes pockets to store straps during transit as well as for storing your equipment while it is not being used. The material resists water, wind and snow so you can be sure your investment will always remain protected from the elements no matter where you take it.

CLAM Ice Fishing Sled Cover is an outstanding product that will keep your ice fishing gear safe from the elements. We’ve compared it to other products on the market and found it outperforms them in many ways.

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4. Shappell: Ice Fishing Sled Travel Cover

The demand for high-quality, durable ice fishing sled travel covers is at an all time high. They have been in the business of providing quality ground fishing gear since 1956 and they are excited to introduce their newest product. These covers will keep your supplies dry and secure while transporting them from one location to another. Whether you’re taking your equipment into the back 40 or hauling firewood from the woods, this cover fits snugly over the base of your sled. It’s made from 600-denier polyester which provides durability and won’t let rain, snow, slush or any other elements get through its elastic hem.

The folks over at Shappell have been making ice fishing sleds for a while now, and it’s not surprising that they also make an excellent cover to protect your investment. This sturdy cover is made of durable canvas with a foam core material lining the inside.

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5. FRABILL: Ice Fishing Shelter Transport Cover

Frabill has unveiled their newest product, the Ice Shelter Travel Cover. With winter around the corner and cold temperatures on the rise, this cover will keep your ice shelter protected from snow and ice during transport. The cover is custom-fitted with elastic edging for an extra snug fit that ensures no snow or ice can get into the base of your shelter. It also includes easy access to items inside while keeping them safe from harsh weather conditions. Along with securing your tent in its place, this cover will protect it against any type of bad weather condition you may encounter on a typical day out on the lake or river.

The FRABILL is one of the most popular ice fishing sled covers on Amazon. It has a 4-star rating with over 100 reviews, and it’s proven to be durable enough for even the roughest conditions.

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Buyer’s Guide


The importance of price depends on the person, but it can also depend on the product. For example, an ice fishing sled cover from a brand-name company is going to generally cost more than a cover from a no-name company because there often isn’t as much competition among them. Generally speaking, people will minimize their budgets if they’re buying what is unnecessary or they won’t spend more than what they need to get the perfect item for themselves.


The construction material should be considered when buying an ice fishing sled cover. Some people might find that their ice fishing sleds are too heavy to lift, especially for older fishermen. Thus, the fabric should allow people to move the cover easily. Heavy duty nylon is a good choice because it can hold up in any weather condition and still keeps your equipment dry.


Durability is very important when buying a ice fishing sled cover. The coat should be made out of good quality durable materials that are not prone to ripping or splitting open. Some of the most popular, well-made ones have also have an elasticated hem for fastening around the nose area to ensure wind isn’t able to whip up underneath and lift it off the sled. A big consideration should be if you plan on sitting on it while fishing, as weight will put lots of stress on seams and zingers (the metal strips used to keep ice from making your nice baggy coat too saggy). Manufacturers provide all kinds of info like this, which helps with evaluation even more.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are very important when purchasing, but you should always read the customer reviews carefully and make a decision based on their own needs or what is best for them. Obviously, ice fishing in one area of the country will provide a different experience than in a different area. Also, you might want to buy from someone who has been in business long enough that they have already had time to work out any possible manufacturing defects. That would provide some sense of security about their product. Of course it also comes down to what features are most important–does it need be breathable. Easy access. Waterproof without being too thick. How much do you pay per inch for ice fishing sled cover grade thicknesses/weight ranges etc..


It’s not uncommon to find sellers who offer warranties, but it all depends on the seller. A simple way to check before making a purchase is by looking at the seller’s reviews to see what other customers have had to say about their experiences with the warranty process.

Return Policy

The return policy when buying a ice fishing cover on Amazon usually depends on the seller. However, most ice fishing sled covers purchased allow for free returns within 30 days of purchase. This means that if you happen to disagree with your order in any way, you can simply send it back and get refunded at no cost to you.


The best ice fishing sled covers are reviewed above. These 5 products offer the highest quality and durability for your purchase. Our team of experts have done all the research to help you find a cover that will work for your budget, needs, and preferences. If you’ve been struggling to choose between these different brands or styles then our list should be able to make it easier on you. All of these reviews were created with one goal in mind-to-help people like YOU get more enjoyment out of their time spent outdoors by providing them with top notch gear at affordable prices.