🧊🎣 The Best Ice Auger Covers for Ice Fishermen

An ice auger cover is something that every ice fisherman should have in their arsenal of fishing gear. It will protect your expensive investment from the elements and keep it working well for many years to come. There are many different styles of covers on the market, so take some time to do your research before making a purchase decision.

An ice auger is a necessary tool for anyone who spends time outdoors during the winter months. Along with providing warmth, it can be used to enjoy outdoor activities such as skiing or snowboarding. However, an unprotected ice auger will quickly become damaged by snow and freezing temperatures which makes it much less effective at drilling holes in the hard ground. The following are reviews of some of the best covers on the market today that provide protection from snow and other elements while also being easy to install and remove. .

  1. Eskimo: Ice Auger Powerhead Cover
  2. Ion: Black Ice Auger Powerhead Cover
  3. Cold Snap: CSKDrill8 Ice Auger Cover
  4. Cold Snap: Strikemaster Ice Auger Cover
  5. CLAM: Ice Drill Auger Cover

Our Top Overall Pick

Eskimo: Ice Auger Powerhead CoverCheck Price
Ion: Black Ice Auger Powerhead CoverCheck Price
Cold Snap: CSKDrill8 Ice Auger CoverCheck Price
Cold Snap: Strikemaster Ice Auger CoverCheck Price
CLAM: Ice Drill Auger CoverCheck Price

Top 5 Best Ice Auger Covers

1. Eskimo: Ice Auger Powerhead Cover

Eskimo is pleased to announce a new product, its powerful and durable engine cover. This heavy-duty 300 denier polyester fabric bag protects your ice auger from snow, rain, slush, and other debris while also providing storage for 2-cycle oil, spark plugs, wrenches and other gear. It’s made from the same durable material used on their Eskimo ice shelters so you can be assured that it will protect your powerhead from harsh conditions. The cover also protects your vehicle containing any fuel or oil leaks that may occur during transport.

The Eskimo Ice Auger Powerhead Cover is an outstanding ice auger cover when compared to the others on the market. It provides a snug fit that will allow you to drive your ice auger without worrying about snow and moisture getting in it, plus it’s easy to install–just slip over your powerhead and tighten down.

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2. Ion: Black Ice Auger Powerhead Cover

Ion has introduced a new powerhead cover for ION electric ice augers. The cover is designed to be universal and fits all ION models, protecting your auger from snow, rain, slush, and other debris. It’s made with heavy-duty 300 denier polyester fabric that will keep the engine protected from harsh conditions. Alongside this release of their new product, they have also created a pocket designed to carry your Quick Release/Anchor Drill Adapter combo or other gear as well as an easy way to store it when not in use.

Ion has created an outstanding ice auger cover that is the perfect fit for any 12″ – 15.5″ diameter drill bit.

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3. Cold Snap: CSKDrill8 Ice Auger Cover

The Cold Snap Ice Auger Cover is a simple and easy solution for keeping your augers from getting snowed in. These covers snap onto the auger with no tools required, so you never have to take your gloves off or worry about losing bungees. To remove, hold the auger upright with weight on the cover and open the cover with your boot before simply lifting up. The CSKDrill8 cover will fit most 8″ shafts and comes in a package of 1. This product is made in America by a family owned company that has been designing ice fishing accessories since 1989.

CSKDrill8 Ice Auger Cover is a high-quality cover for your ice augers. The quality construction of the CSKDrill8 will ensure that you can easily and quickly remove it from your machine when not in use, as well as store it without creating any wear on the fabric or stitching.

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4. Cold Snap: Strikemaster Ice Auger Cover

Cold Snap is the only ice auger blade protector on the market. Cold Snap provides a safe way to transport your auger without removing blades, saving you time and hassle. The patented design installs in less than 3 seconds with no need for gloves or tools, protecting both you and your blades from damage during transport. To remove your blade cover just hold the auger upright with weight down on top of cover and open with foot. Lift out cover and you’re done. Tested tough to resist snow build-up – lasts all season long.

Strikemaster has been providing ice fishing enthusiasts with high quality and durable products since 1964. Whether you live in an area where winter lasts for months or just a few weeks, the company knows that when you invest in your equipment it needs to be able to withstand any type of weather condition.

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5. CLAM: Ice Drill Auger Cover

Clam Outdoors is known for making durable, reliable ice fishing supplies. With the launch of the new Clam Outdoor’s Ice Auger Cover, they are raising the bar with their latest innovation. Their newest product features a tough outer shell and an insulated interior to withstand any harsh element. The cover also includes convenient handles on each side so it can be carried like a suitcase or dragged across snow-packed surfaces with ease. And because this cover was designed by avid anglers and ice drillers themselves, you know that it will fit your auger perfectly while keeping it safe from moisture and debris no matter where you’re headed next.

CLAM has been on the market for over 20 years, which is impressive considering how many other brands have come and gone in that time. We are proud to say they are still making some of the best ice auger covers available today.

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Buyer’s Guide


Construction material is very important when purchasing a cover for your ice auger. Personally, I prefer to buy covers that are made from tightly woven nylon because they will fit better and last longer. Covers can be either open or closed-cuff style, but ideally should have a zipper at the base for easy access to fill/empty the auger parts.


Durability is very important when it comes to buying a cover, especially if the ice auger will be used for commercial or professional purposes. The material of the ice auger cover should hold up against harsh outdoor conditions, stand up to regular use, and resist damage from accidental scraping across metal surfaces. It’s also important that the cover be easy to put on and take off because most are stored at home during warmer seasons.

Customer Reviews

New ice auger covers are nothing but generic with assembly. Customer reviews are very important when buying a ice auger cover because they will tell you how durable it is, its size, and style. A customer review can also help save your time in returning an item if there’s something wrong with the purchase so it’s always best to check them before buying anything online. Customers can also ask questions about the product that only customers who have already bought the product might know or even invent ideas for needs about needs that customers haven’t yet considered.


Most sellers offer a warranty on products that they buy. However, that does not always mean you will get a warranty on your purchase. Before making a purchase from any seller make sure to ask if the product you are buying comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. If not, be sure to seal the item as soon as you purchase it before it is used for its first time and return the unused item in preventing them from being used by someone else or from becoming damaged during shipping. A product has a higher chance of having a warranty on it if the seller offers one and if yes, what is their customer service contact information.

Return Policy

Most ice auger covers purchased on Amazon allow free returns, but some only have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, there are two options for returning it at no cost. The first is to return the item if the seller offers this option. Places that do usually require that you provide proof of purchase documentation by emailing an order number or other transaction information to their support team before they will process your request. Not all sellers offer this though, so always check listings before purchasing an ice auger cover to see what their return policy is.


We hope that this list of the 5 best ice auger covers reviewed will be helpful to those looking for a cover. Whether you’re new to these types of tools or have been using them for years, we want our readers and customers alike to know where they can find great products at prices their budgets will love. If there is anything else we can help with please let us know.