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🎣 The Absolute Best Fishing Line Conditioner for Anglers

Fishing line conditioners improve the life of fishing lines and make them easier to use. They also help keep a fisherman’s hands from becoming dry or sore, which is especially important for those who fish often. The best fishing line conditioners are made with natural ingredients that won’t harm the environment.

After a long, cold winter it’s finally time to get back out on the water. And one of the first things you’ll need is a new fishing line conditioner, whether you’re going for fish or just tying up your boat. But with so many types and brands out there how do you know what product will best suit your needs. We’ve compiled our top five picks for this year so that you can find the perfect fit before heading out to sea.

  1. Fishing Line & Lure Conditioner
  2. Blakemore TTI Fishing Co: Reel/Line Magic Aerosol
  3. Reelsnot: Reel Snot Line & Reel Lube
  4. Ardent: Line Butter Conditioner
  5. Ardent: Line Butter

Our Top Overall Pick

Fishing Line & Lure ConditionerCheck Price
Blakemore TTI Fishing Co: Reel/Line Magic AerosolCheck Price
Reelsnot: Reel Snot Line & Reel LubeCheck Price
Ardent: Line Butter ConditionerCheck Price
Ardent: Line ButterCheck Price

Top 5 Best Fishing Line Conditioners

1. Fishing Line & Lure Conditioner

After years of relying on silicone based treatments in an effort to reduce line memory, backlashes, tangles and twists. Professional fishermen have finally found a product that works. Fishing Line & Lure Conditioner is guaranteed to improve casting distance and control. This innovative fishing line conditioner will extend your lines life up to 5 times longer than untreated lines with no oily residues or scents as with silicone oils. Famed professional fisherman Johnathan Van Dam has been quoted saying This stuff is awesome.

Fishing Line & Lure Conditioner is a product that deserves your consideration. If you’re tired of fishing line and lures tangling, fraying, and breaking while on the water or in storage, Fishing Line & Lure Conditioner can help.

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2. Blakemore TTI Fishing Co: Reel/Line Magic Aerosol

The new Blakemore TTI Fishing Co. Reel/Line Magic Aerosol is an innovative way to protect your fishing line and gear while also reducing friction on the line for longer casts. This product contains a UV inhibitor that prevents sun damage, dramatically reduces icing of your guides and line, adds lubrication to reduce friction on the line, and has no odor when dry. The package includes one aerosol can that will last up to 8 hours with power winder spray nozzle for easy application. It also features a clean-protectant formula which reduces line-memory so you don’t have as many issues with knots or tangles in your lines.

Fishing is a tricky activity. Not only do you need to find the perfect bait, but your equipment needs to be in top condition as well.

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3. Reelsnot: Reel Snot Line & Reel Lube

The team of experts at Reelsnot have developed a premium reel lubricant that is great for all line types. Whether you are using fluorocarbon, monofilament or braid, this product will lengthen your cast distances while reducing noise from your gears. It is also designed to improve overall performance of your spinning or casting reel. For more information on how Reelsnot can help you with fishing equipment needs please visit their website today.

The Reelsnot Line and Lubricant is a line conditioner that can be used for fishing, reeling in fish from the water or simply to clean your reel. This product has been well-received by customers because it does not contain any silicone or other harmful chemicals which could potentially harm you while using this product.

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4. Ardent: Line Butter Conditioner

All fishermen know the frustration of having fishing line twist and tangle on a reel. That is why Ardent developed their new Line Butter Conditioner, which will keep your line from twisting during use. The conditioner uses Teflon to make the line more slippery so it can pass through guides easily. It also reduces backlash by up to 95%, making for less wasted time untangling your lines while out on the water. Ardent’s product is made with all types of fishing lines in mind (fluorocarbon, monofilament, braid) and protects against UV light that can degrade both saltwater and freshwater reels over time.

Ardent Line Butter Conditioner is a fishing line conditioner that will help you keep your lines in tip-top shape. With its superior durability, fishermen know they can rely on this product to work as well as it says it does.

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5. Ardent: Line Butter

Ardent has announced that their newest product, Line Butter, is now available for purchase. The company asserts that this new product will help fishermen to maintain their catch by providing a quick and easy way to keep fishing lines tangle free. With one quick spray of the aerosol can on any type of fishing line, this conditioner will make it easier for fishermen to handle tackle both on land and at sea. This innovative new product also protects against corrosion from salt water which makes it an environmentally friendly alternative to other types of fishline conditioners.

Ardent Line Butter is a great fishing line conditioner for both beginners and experts. It’s an affordable, easy to use product that will make your lines last longer and perform better.

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Buyer’s Guide


Price is always one of the things that people look at when purchasing an item. As such, it is generally important. However, there are some other factors involved in the process which should be taken into consideration to prevent overestimating or underestimating a price and wasting either your time and money to make a purchase you may not like or enough fishing line conditioners without spending too much.


Fishing line conditioners are meant to keep the spool lubricated, so that the spool is easier to turn. This leads to smoother casting and better retrieval, which leads to fewer tangles. Consumers report that a fishing line conditioner can last up to three times as long as fishing line without one–so durability really matters with this product. The benefits of using a fishing line conditioner are well-documented. If you want your fishing line to last longer between changing out your reel or picking it up off the ground after snagging onto something, look for one with good reviews on durability, otherwise you may find yourself replacing many pieces of equipment more often than necessary. Happy angling.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are very important when buying a fishing line conditioner. If buyers cannot get an unbiased review of the product, they certainly should not get it. A person can miss out on an expensive mistake if they don’t make time to read the entire list of customer ratings and opinions before putting in their order. Read all about what good and bad qualities these people liked or disliked before spending money on something that may or may not satisfy you too. It’s also worth noting that different fishing line conditioners often will have different odors which might be off-putting to some buyers who had previous experience with unpleasant smells while using other products available online.


Check with the seller before making a purchase to see if they offer a warranty. Generally, warranties are only offered on defects in craftsmanship or workmanship, not on problems that arise from use of an item over time. Ask whether there is any information you should know about the item before making your decision.


For those of you who want to keep your fishing lines in tip-top shape, we’ve compiled a list of the best fishing line conditioners that can be ordered online. We hope this article has been helpful. If it has, then don’t hesitate to share on social media or with friends and family members as well. And if there is anything else you would like us to cover about fishing gear, please let us know by leaving a comment above – we always love hearing from readers.

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