🐟 The Best Eel Trap Funnels for Commercial & Recreational Use

Eels mostly live in salt water environments, though occasionally travel through freshwater streams to breed. That means that if you’re interested in trapping them you’ll need a trap that can holdup in both salt and freshwater environments without corroding or rusting. That can make finding the best trap quite difficult.

The best eel trap is one that can be used time and time again. A good eel trap should have a large opening to let the eel in, but also strong enough so that it won’t collapse or rip when they are trying to get out. It should also have a secure design, with no sharp edges or corners where the fish could get hurt.

We’ve done all the hard work for you and reviewed five of the top rated eel traps on Amazon. The reviews are based on price, ease of use, durability, customer reviews and a few other features that will be included in this article. In this blog post we’re going to talk about some of my favorite traps as well as what’s not so great about them so you can make an informed decision before buying one yourself!

  1. Ketcham Supply Eel Trap
  2. Gees G-40EP EEL Pot
  3. SF Fishing Eel Trap
  4. PuDong Eel Trap
  5. HeroStore Eel Trap Cage

Our Top Overall Pick

Ketcham Supply Eel TrapCheck Price
Gees G-40EP EEL PotCheck Price
SF Fishing Eel TrapCheck Price
PuDong Eel TrapCheck Price
HeroStore Eel Trap CageCheck Price

Top 5 Best Eel Traps

1. Ketcham Supply Eel Trap

Ketcham Supply Eel Trap is your answer to time-consuming and expensive eel traps. With a wire mesh funnel with hinged door, you can easily gather as many eels as you need! Made in the US with sturdy stainless steel fasteners, this trap allows for easy release of the little guys by just opening up 1 side at a time.

This trap has the perfect size and durability for your every day fishing needs! The trap when set measures at 12x12x24 inches but folds down so it can be easily stored until you need it again next time. The patented design has been constructed using 1/2 inch square vinyl coated steel mesh, and stainless steel fasteners for extra durability.

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2. Gees G-40EP EEL Pot

The Gees G-40EP EEL Pot is one of the most durable, economical eel fishing pots on the market. It’s also versatile – bait can be caught using a simple insert in the center to transform it from an eel pot to a standard minnow trap size! Whether you’re looking for a versatile pot or just want your catch of choice, this Gee’s pot is up for any task.

The sturdy construction features steel wire that will last you years with heavy galvanizing and reinforcement at all key points on design! You’ll not find higher quality anywhere else!

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3. SF Fishing Eel Trap

The SF fishing eel trap is a durable casting net made of nylon with an embroidered mesh structure. The new generation fishing equipment features a lightweight spring steel rim inside the cast, which also makes it easy to open and close for bait-setting purposes!

These innovative eel traps are made of waterproof nylon with woven mesh construction that won’t break so easily, and come equipped with a spring steel rim inside that can be folded to make carrying easy while saving space. The new and improved models also come fitted with big openings for bait placement as well as one side of the zipper flipping open to increase the eels entry potential into the trap – perfect if you want some leniency when it comes to releasing your prey!

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4. PuDong Eel Trap

The PuDong Fishing Cast Net is a reliable fishing net trap that helps all fisherman catch more types of fish with minimal setup. It’s durable, high quality, and has a zippered opening for easy bait placement.

This trap is made of durable and high quality nylon netting which can hold up against any type of rough weather or water conditions making it perfect for catching small fish such as eels, crabs, lobster etc., and not just in one kind of environment either! You’ll have 18 feet worth rope so no matter how deep your trap needs are. It even comes with 6 solid steel bar brackets too ensure its durability without sacrificing portability.

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5. HeroStore Eel Trap Cage

The HeroStore Eel Trap Cage is the only thing you need for trapping eels. What sets it apart from other products? It has a waterproof coating, so that water can’t rust or corrode the metal parts. It also has durability and tangle free mesh netting- making it easier to catch small or big fish in a snap!

This product can be used both for fresh water and salt water areas. The special fish entrance design protects their body from damage, ensuring you’ll be able to spare them with ease. Packaged conveniently as well, this item will provide years of satisfaction to all your needs!

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Buyer’s Guide

An eel trap is a device that captures an eel safely without killing or hurting it. Eels are often hunted for their meat, but they have also been used in the fishing industry as bait. If you’ve never seen one before, an eel trap looks like a tube with netting on either side and at the top. Eels can swim through this tube to get to food placed inside the trap, but once they do they cannot escape out of the other end due to the netting. For anyone who wants to use this type of gear while fishing, we have put together some helpful information about what these traps look like and how effective each kind can be.

Eel traps are traditionally made from PVC or a nylon material that is wrapped around a rigid wire frame. The netting on the outside of an eel trap can be either large mesh (with small holes) for catching smaller eel, or tighter mesh with larger holes for capturing bigger varieties.

It’s important to know what type of water you want your trap in because different types will require different materials and rigging methods. For example, a saltwater eel trap would need to be built out of a coated wire to prevent rust and corrosion.

Ensure the eel trap is anchored securely to prevent it from floating away. Eels can swim up to a foot per second, so even if your netting is weighted down they may be able to escape through a small opening on top of your trap and make off with baitfish that you’ve caught in other parts of the pond.

Once the trap has been set, the buoy marking the trap’s location should also extend at least a foot above the water surface for extra security. This helps easily find the trap after a few hours when it comes time to harvest the eels.

What is the best bait to for eel traps?

Eels have a keen sense of smell, so the best bait to catch them is fresh fish either whole or portioned into chunks. Since eels are bottom feeders, minnows make an excellent choice as they’re used to catching them and they’ve been proven to be quite effective.

But really, any oily fish or meat like chicken will do. You may want to consider dipping or applying a fish-based liquid attractant like menhaden oil onto your bait before setting it in the trap for added effects. Anything that will increase the smell will work excellently.

How long should I leave an eel trap out in the water?

Eels are most active at night, so if you set your trap during the late afternoon and come back in the early morning you’re likely to have a significant catch. Just in case, be sure to leave the trap in a shady area so if you are a bit late to getting to the fish they won’t have to sit out in the sun which can negatively impact their health.

What is the best eel trap?

The Ketcham Supply Eel Trap is one of the best eel traps on the market. The reason that it’s so popular is because you can catch eels both safely and passively, without having to worry about significant by-catch or durability issues.

What is the cheapest eel trap?

The most inexpensive eel trap that I know of is the SF Fishing Eel Trap. Despite it’s cheap price tag, it comes with all the features that you’d want in an eel trap without significantly sacrificing durability or effectiveness.