🐟 Top 5 Best Dip Nets for Crappie

Crappie fishing is one of the most popular freshwater species in North America, and for good reason. They are absolutely delicious! Crappies are also fun to catch because they fight like crazy when you get them hooked.

The fishing season is just around the corner, so it’s time to get your bait together! The first thing you need to have is a good net–preferably one that can be used for more than just catching fish. Crappie dip nets are great because they’re versatile: not only do they work well for fish but also other items like crawfish or even frogs.

Crappie fishing has been a favorite pastime for many anglers over the years and it is not surprising that there are some great dip nets for catching these tasty fish. But with so many on the market, how do you know which ones are worth your time and money?

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best crappie dip nets on the market, and reviewed them based on their durability, quality, and price.

  1. Fiblink Aluminum Dip Net
  2. Ego S2 Slider Dip Net
  3. PLUSINNO Foldable Dip Net
  4. EGO Reach Landing Dip Net
  5. StowMaster Crappie Series Dip Net

Our Top Overall Pick

Fiblink Aluminum Dip NetCheck Price
Ego S2 Slider Dip NetCheck Price
PLUSINNO Foldable Dip NetCheck Price
EGO Reach Landing Dip NetCheck Price
StowMaster Crappie Series Dip NetCheck Price

Top 5 Best Crappie Dip Nets

1. Fiblink Aluminum Dip Net

Looking for a way to set yourself apart on the next fishing trip? The Fiblink Folding Aluminum Dip Net is just what you need. Boasting measurement and performance features that are second to none, you`ll be able to enjoy an easier time spotting crappie and landing them in your net, with less work than ever before.

The Fiblink Folding Aluminum Dip Net is the perfect sized net for a quick fishing adventure. Designed with a retractable design, it features a collapsible design which makes carrying more convenient when fishing on smaller boats and kayaks. The simple three step folding process takes mere seconds! The Pole itself extends from 40-118 inches and is telescopic so you can even take it off your boat while still anchored if you prefer!

The Fiblink is perfect for those who just need to quickly grab a catch. Handle Length is adjustable from 40″ – 100″, so customize it depending on how far away you are standing while fishing. The aluminum pole does not rust like traditional steel poles do and has a retractable feature which extends the life of the aluminum in addition to increasing

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2. Ego S2 Slider Dip Net

The one that got away? Never again. Introducing the leading fishing net on the market – Ego S2 Slider Dip Net. This revolutionary and versatile net is a complete game changer for fishing whether you are trolling from your boat, kayak or shoreline.

Specially design with gripping function that won’t slip out of your hands when wet and equipped with adjustable length, clip valve for quick release and unmatched quality as well as versatility it is the most innovative in the fishing industry today. Whether catching 10 pounds of lingcod from your boat where space is an issue

The EGO S2 is an all-inclusive, revolutionary fishing net that has a variable length of 48 inches to 108 inches with the use of a simple push or pull. This lets you adjust the length in seconds depending on your needs. The innovative modular platform also allows you to remove the net and replace it with other attachments, like those used for crabbing, ice fishing, forage nets – over 30 attachments are available! The design combines quality materials with versatility. It comes standard with revolutionary S2 Slider technology that will never let go even if dropped into icy water.

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3. PLUSINNO Foldable Dip Net

Fishing enthusiasts rejoice in our collapsible dip nets that make it easier than ever to be hands-free and have you ready for when a fish strikes at your bait. Able to expand from 12 inches all the way up to 52, we`ve got the right fishing net size for whatever you need whether you prefer 4 inch or 18 inch openings. Made of high density carbon fiber sandwiched between nylon mesh, our sturdy nets can take on abuse without so much as sagging off your head!

Its collapsible design is lightweight and easy to store for when fishing on the go. The PLUSINNO Collapsible Dip Net is built of high-density carbon fiber mixed with a fiberglass pole, nylon mesh, skid-resistant EVA handholds, and a non-absorbent coating that prevents waterlogging or odor absorption. Pick your size in the model section above: 12/31 cm hoop size fixed non-telescopic pole; 16/40 cm hoop size 2 section telescopic pole; 16.2/41cm hoop size 3 section telescopic pole.

This collapsible stainless steel fishing net is perfect for any fisherman as it is both sturdy and portable. Boasting a water-repellent nylon mesh and durable carbon fiber, this piece guarantees the mobility that every fisherman requires. No fisherman should leave home without one!

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4. EGO Reach Landing Dip Net

Why settle for less when you can have more? The EGO Reach float net reaches a full 8.5 feet with 3 of the most important features: durability, extendable handles and it floats. When using this quality product, not only will your catch be bigger but so will your smile!

Today’s technology meets versatility with the revolutionary Ego Reach technology–adjust the length with just a simple push or pull ensuring everyone can use it in one hand. Invented with today’s outdoor enthusiasts in mind, you’ll find endless uses for this versatile set on any boat or kayak.

EGO Reach Dip Net is the last net you’ll ever buy. With it’s innovative design and multipurpose use, this net will change your fishing game for good. Anyone of any age can fish with it – from flipping over rocks in a stream, wading deep into an ocean or bay or boarding off a boat to bulk up their catch – this collapsible dip net has got what every fisherman needs.

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5. StowMaster Crappie Series Dip Net

Whether you’re a pro crappie fisher or fish something else, quality dip nets are an essential piece for your portable fishing kit. You want a net that can stand up to the elements, is easy to stow away and provides quick access when landing your catch. Enter the StowMaster Crappie Net: it’s perfect for catching crappies- large or small! The 14 x 18 inch hoop offers extra size—perfect for larger fish like bluegill and sauger as well as smaller fish like trout, walleye or bass.

Let’s face it. You likely don’t enjoy lugging around a heavy, traditional crappie net to your fishing hole in the sun with flies buzzing around your head and pesky bugs biting your arms. And neither do we! That’s why the StowMaster Crappie Net is so great – featuring cutting edge patented technology for fishermen that packs up 1/2 the size of traditional nets ever did. No more lopsided bulges in your boat seat or tight spots in your trunk, this lightweight hoop is manufactured from aircraft grade extruded aluminum – meaning it will stand up to the rigors of a tough fishing expedition without trouble!

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Buyer’s Guide

Crappie fishing is a favorite pastime for many anglers. But what if you’re not sure which dip net to buy? We are here to help! Whether you need a small or large dip net, we have the perfect one for you. In this article, we will discuss the different types of crappie nets and how they work.

Do I need a dip net specifically for crappie?

Not necessarily, for the most part any dip net will do. Crappie nets are typically a smaller size and can be used for other fish types as well.

What is the difference between the two different sizes of crappie nets?

The larger sized net has more surface area which allows you to scoop up all that nasty debris from your boat or dock while still catching those tasty little crappies! The small-sized net is perfect for fishing in shallow water where you don’t want to stir up too much muck but still need something big enough to catch some large mouth bass. So whatever type of environment suits your needs best – we have got you covered!

What type of dip net should I get for catching crappie?

There are three main types of dip nets for catching crappie. The first is a handheld net, which can either be large or small and typically has one handle on the back to help it stay up in the air when you use it. These nets are great because they allow anglers to get close to their target fish without spooking them away while also being able to scoop out any unwanted debris that might have collected at the bottom of your boat’s livewell.

Long vs Short Handle on a Dip Net

A dip net with a longer handle gives an angler a little more distance when they are trying to scoop up their catch. These nets also offer great visibility for whatever you’re fishing around because they can reach farther than your arms would be able to in order to capture those fish that might not want to come close enough. They also work well on larger boats with higher sides or livewells where it’s hard to see what you have at the bottom without crawling down into them and risking spooking away all your crappie before you even get a chance.

What should my dip net be made from?

There are a variety of different materials that dip nets can be made from. It all depends on the preference of the user and what will work best for them at their fishing spot. Dip net handles come in plastic, wood or metal so you have your choice to fit whichever needs you’re looking to fill. The mesh also varies depending on your preferences as well: some people prefer wire screens while others would rather go with nylon ones which will grow more flexible after being used for awhile.

Dip Net Care & Cleaning Tips

A good rule of thumb is to keep your dip net clean by rinsing it out after you use it and drying it off before putting it away to avoid any rotting or rusting.

If you find that your dip net is getting a little stinky from being stored for awhile, you can get rid of the smell by rinsing it out in bleach and water solution. Just make sure to rinse off the chemicals before using again!

Why Choose Crappie Dip Net

Crappie nets are great because they’re so versatile: not only will these work well when fishing for crappies but also as an emergency net should something happen while wading or boating around rocky areas where fish tend to lurk. Most of the dip nets on this list will work on many other types of fish except for perhaps larger game fish.

How to Choose a Dip Net

It is important that you purchase the correct size dip net for the fish you are trying to catch. The right length of your dip net should extend past where you can reach with your arm extended out in front of you, but not too far so it would be difficult to use.

What depth do crappie usually congregate?

Crappie typically congregate in the shallows during daylight hours and move to deeper, cooler water at night. They’re usually found near vegetation like lily pads or shorelines with strong currents where they can find insects for food.

When is the best time to catch crappie?

Crappie will bite anytime but the best time to catch them is in the early morning and evening hours.

What is the best crappie dip net?

I have used a Fiblink Aluminum Dip Net for many years and it’s my favorite among the models I’ve tested, and it has never given me any problems. It’s easily the best crappie dip net available on market today and it won’t tear up your hands when you’re pulling in a big fish!

What is the cheapest crappie dip net?

The Plusinno Foldable Dip Net is, as far as I know, the best deal on the market. It is the absolute cheapest way to catch crappies while still maintaining reasonable durability and utility.