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🦀 The Best Crab Float Buoy

Crab traps floats are quite simple little devices that are primarily used to mark where someone has dropped their crab traps or pots. They come in many different sizes, shapes, color and forms all designed to float on the waters surface just underneath the dropped crab trap.

While they come in a variety of colors, the most popular among the crabbing industry are white and orange as they are easily visible from a great distance.

They are very simple to use and are very popular when crabbing from a boat as you can simply attach the trap itself with a strong rope and lower the trap down to the ocean floor where it can sit collecting crabs for hours.

These crab trap floats are perfect for a number of reason, first is it lets ever one around the water know that the is something below that float so caution needs to be taken they also make finding your traps very easy and pulling them back up is a dream with a hooking pole.

KUFA 11” Red/White Crab Float w/100′ Sinking Line

  • Combo float & rope
  • 100 ft rope line
  • 11 inch red & white float
  • Price:

This is a simple rope & crab float combo that is perfect for any crab trap/pot you may have that doesn’t already come with one.

  • Non-lead based rope.
  • Inexpensive.

  • The rope doesn’t sink as well as lead lines.

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