🐟 The Best Cast Nets for Menhaden Reviewed

Cast nets are a great fishing tool for people who want to reliably catch their own bait fish, like menhaden. This allows the fisherman to save both time and money and allowing them to keep their bait as fresh as possible.

The best menhaden cast nets are often the ones that offer the best durability in their design while still being effective and easy to use. With a wide range of prices to suit any budget, you can’t go wrong by selecting one or more from this list as your next purchase.

The top five best menhaden cast nets reviewed below are all great quality products. They range in size and price so there is something for everyone. These nets have a variety of uses, from recreational fishing to commercial use. If you’re looking to buy a net, then this list may be just what you need!

  1. Bait Buster 5/8″ Menhaden Cast Net
  2. Betts Super Pro 8ft 5/8″ Menhaden Cast Net
  3. Generic 5/8″ Menhaden Cast Net
  4. Calusa 5/8″ 10ft Menhaden Cast Net
  5. Fitec GS1000 Super Spreader Menhaden Cast Net

Our Top Overall Pick

Bait Buster 5/8" Menhaden Cast NetCheck Price
Betts Super Pro 8ft 5/8" Menhaden Cast NetCheck Price
Generic 5/8" Menhaden Cast NetCheck Price
Calusa 5/8" 10ft Menhaden Cast NetCheck Price
Fitec GS1000 Super Spreader Menhaden Cast NetCheck Price

Top 5 Best Menhaden Cast Nets

1. Bait Buster 5/8″ Menhaden Cast Net

The Bait Buster 5/8″ Menhaden Cast Net is a net that is made of very durable and strong material. It has been specially designed to be used for catching bait fish like menhaden in a variety of conditions.

This popular cast net features 1.5 pounds of lead weight per radius foot and is made from heavy duty materials that will not wear out as quickly as other nets.

The net also includes patented Dragon Head swivel braille line organizers, which keep your lines tied individually to make repair easier and crimped on lead weights that secure your weights to the line so they can’t be lost or misplaced during use. These nets are hand-made by professionals with 0.40 mm mono cord for strength but still lightweight enough to be easily carried.

If you want the best Menhaden Cast Net on the market, look no further than Bait Buster 5/8″ Menhaden Cast Net. This is a top-quality net that will last for years to come and catch everything from baitfish to large fish in one cast. Whether you’re looking for something strong or just need a simple option, this is worth considering as one of your final decisions before purchase!

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2. Betts Super Pro 8ft 5/8″ Menhaden Cast Net

When fishing, it is important to have the right tools. You could be an accomplished fisherman or fisherwoman with decades of experience and still have a hard time catching fish if you don’t have the right equipment. If you’re specifically looking to catch menhaden, then you’ll need a cast net with exactly 5/8″ mesh netting in order to efficiently capture them.

The newest addition to the Betts fishing equipment family is the Menhaden Cast Net that features an 8ft. net with 5/8″ mesh made of the finest materials and designed for use in shallow water environments.

The Betts Super Pro 8ft 5/8″ Menhaden Cast Net is an excellent option for fishermen looking to catch a variety of different types of fish. Made from high-quality, durable nylon mesh, this cast net has the strength and durability needed to last season after season in any fishing environment.

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3. Generic 5/8″ Menhaden Cast Net

This particular net has been specifically designed with a 5/8″ mesh netting which makes it perfect for menhaden and is made from a durable nylon that won’t corrode or mold if stored and cared for properly. The size of this cast net makes it perfect for catching these smaller fish while still being large enough to catch larger ones as well!

Those in need of a 5/8″ mesh cast net to catch menhaden, look no further than this one from Generic. This is the perfect size for catching menhaden without it being too big or too small and it’s free shipping for most locations!

After trying many different Menhaden Cast Nets over the years, we’ve found that Generic 5/8″ Menhaden Cast Net is one of the best on the market. We appreciated how lightweight it was and how easy it was to use from day one. The quality has held up well after multiple uses as well– something you can’t say about all nets! If you’re looking for a reliable net at an affordable price, this might be just what you need!

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4. Calusa 5/8″ 10ft Menhaden Cast Net

If you’re looking for a cast net to get the job done, the Calusa Menhaden 5/8″ 10ft Cast Net is what you need. This is perfect for fishing in areas where there are lots of seagrass beds or other vegetation that can tangle your nets. Cast nets are great because they don’t cause any damage to the environment of the area you’re fishing like a gill net would.

Calusa have produced many different sizes of cast nets and lengths to meet every need of fishermen. These nets are made with 6 panel construction and 1 1/2 pounds of lead per foot, making them both quick-sinking and extremely durable.

Along with their commitment to producing only the highest quality products, these cast nets will also be soft and easy to throw while lying flat when they land in water. With their history of providing fishing products to customers all over the world, it is no surprise that Calusa produces one of the best cast nets on the market.

The 10 foot size is perfect for catching baitfish like Menhaden or other small fish, while still being manageable enough for use on smaller boats. Whether you are looking for large-scale commercial fishermen or an avid fisherman who wants every inch of his boat space utilized wisely, this product will not disappoint.

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5. Fitec GS1000 Super Spreader Menhaden Cast Net

Fitec’s GS1000 Super Spreader Menhaden Cast Net is designed to be one of the largest, strongest, and most durable net of its type. The net is constructed with a specially designed knotted mesh for strength and durability. If you are looking for an effective cast net that will last you many years, then this may be the right choice for you!

The Fitec Group is expanding their cast nets production to meet the growing demand and needs of fishermen everywhere. In 1984, the company became a leading manufacturer of cast nets in the United States. Today, they are still #1 with over 50 years of experience in fishing products and hold an unsurpassed reputation for quality, consistency, and durability.

Their line of Menhaden Cast Nets are made with high-quality nylon mesh material that includes UV protection so you can use them season after season without worry about sun damage or fraying edges.

The GS1000 Super Spreader has been designed with every fisherman in mind, from novice fishermen out for a day of fun or experienced anglers looking to make their next catch count.

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Buyer’s Guide

Menhaden are a herring-like fish that inhabit coastal bays and estuaries. They play an important role in the marine food web because they’re eaten by many other species of animals. Menhadens’ high lipid content makes them the perfect bait for catching bigger fish like tuna, sharks, and even whales!

Cast netting is one of the oldest fishing methods in existence. Menhaden cast nets have been used for centuries, and are still a popular choice among fishermen today. There are many benefits to using menhaden cast nets, including: high durability, affordability, and simplicity. If you’re considering buying a new set of menhaden cast nets for your boat or business, we’ve put together this buyer’s guide with important information that you need to know before making a purchase!

What is the ideal size mesh for catching menhaden with a cast net?

5/8″ is the perfect size mesh for catching menhaden which is why all of the nets on this list are at that size. While you can catch menhaden with a smaller size netting, you’ll also probably get alot of bycatch that you’ll have to release.

Menhaden are a popular bait for larger fish, and if you’re not careful with your net size it will be hard to find the menhaden in among other smaller fishes.

How heavy should my cast net be?

As heavy as possible while still allowing you to successfully cast it. The heavier the net, the faster it will sink which increases the effectiveness significantly. Generally speaking, most adults shouldn’t struggle to cast a net that is between 1-1.5 pounds per foot.

Where do menhaden usually congregate?

You’re more likely to find menhaden in bays and marinas where the water gets a bit deeper. They should be easy to spot with any standard fish finder, but if you don’t happen to have one you can usually spot them visually by the small flicks they make to the surface of the water.

How do I catch menhaden with a cast net?

Cast nets come in different sizes and weights which should be matched to your own height and weight so you can properly throw it; if you’re too weak then it won’t successfully open which means it’ll just scare off the fish. Cast nets work best when thrown where there’s plenty of cover — casting straight out onto open water will leave you vulnerable to the fish’s escape.

Throw your net out into the water and then pull it back in as quickly as possible, trying not to let any of the mesh touch the bottom or any debris as that could cause entanglement issues. Menhaden can be really quick so don’t dawdle if there are some near by — get them while they’re available!

After catching menhaden what should I do with my cast net?

Don’t forget to take care of your equipment after fishing; rinse off all saltwater residue from gear and let it dry before storing to prevent mold and mildew from forming. If properly kept and maintained your net will last several years, assuming you avoid casting into debris or anything that can cause rips and tears.

What is the best menhaden cast net?

The Bait Buster 5/8″ Menhaden Cast Net is the best, most effective cast net for catching menhaden. By every measurement, from durability to effectiveness to weighting, this cast net blows the others out of the water.

What is the cheapest menhaden cast net?

If you want a cast net that is cheap and will last for years, then the Fitec GS1000 Super Spreader Menhaden Cast Net would be the best choice. Despite it’s low price, it has excellent spread and is extremely effective at catching bait fish.