🧊🎣 The Best Battery-Powered Electric Ice Fishing Augers

The winter months are quickly approaching, and the time has come to prepare for ice fishing. This is a fun activity that can be done with friends or family members, but it’s important to have all of the right equipment in order to ensure an enjoyable experience. One of the most important pieces of equipment needed is an electric auger.

With the year coming to a close, it’s time to take a look at what electric ice fishing auger were our favorites this year. We have put together a list of the top five best electric ice fishing augers for you. These come in various sizes and shapes with different features that make them all unique. Some are portable and others can be mounted on your boat or truck, but they all offer an easy way to de-ice your holes without getting cold or wet. .

  1. Ion: Electric Ice Auger Series
  2. Landworks: Electric Ice Fishing Auger Power Head w/Steel
  3. Jiffy: E6 Lightning Electric Ice Fishing Auger Drill
  4. THUNDERBAY: B52 Ice Auger Powerhead w/10″ Auger
  5. Eskimo: Quantum 8-10″ Ice Fishing Auger Series

Our Top Overall Pick

Ion: Electric Ice Auger SeriesCheck Price
Landworks: Electric Ice Fishing Auger Power Head w/SteelCheck Price
Jiffy: E6 Lightning Electric Ice Fishing Auger DrillCheck Price
THUNDERBAY: B52 Ice Auger Powerhead w/10" AugerCheck Price
Eskimo: Quantum 8-10" Ice Fishing Auger SeriesCheck Price

Top 5 Best Electric Ice Fishing Augers

1. Ion: Electric Ice Auger Series

The Ion is a revolutionary new electric ice auger that features a 40 volt Lithium-Ion battery. This high-performance battery will power the 8 ION through up to 1000 of ice on a single charge. It also includes an easy reverse function that eliminates the need for an ice skimmer by flushing slush down the hole. With Ion you only need to charge your battery and go to the lake – no gas or oils needed. There are absolutely no fumes or spilled gas with this product, making it safe for all environments. All you will hear is cutting ice as this silent tool does its job.

For the angler in search of an electric ice fishing auger with superior durability, Ion’s Electric Ice Auger Series is a great choice. These models are built to last and provide years of hassle free use for any type of fisherman or woman who spends their time on the water this winter.

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2. Landworks: Electric Ice Fishing Auger Power Head w/Steel

In the ice fishing industry, the Landworks electric ice auger power head is a revolutionary product. By using a battery-powered auger instead of gas, this product produces no pollution and is much quieter than other products on the market. The wide spaced handles allow for better balance during operation while also improving safety by not having to worry about fuel spills. The brushless motor makes digging smooth and efficient while also making it easier to use in cold weather climates where there can be condensation issues with gas powered engines.

As the leading provider of fishing products, Landworks understands that each angler has different needs. That is why they offer an electric ice auger power head with steel shaft for those who need more durability and strength than what their carbon-fiber models provide.

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3. Jiffy: E6 Lightning Electric Ice Fishing Auger Drill

Jiffy Electric Ice Fishing Augers are the newest innovation in fishing. The E-Z starting with a squeeze of the handle, even for people with grip strength problems or arthritis. Wide stand control handles ease fatigue and reverse feature eliminates hole skimming. Clean power easy starting – just depress an easy to use lever powerful 6 amp hour Lithium battery high torque Brushless electric motor reverse drill operation night light wide stance comfort grip handles make this product user friendly and innovative.

Jiffy is known for making high-quality ice fishing augers and the E6 Lightning Electric Ice Fishing Auger Drill does not disappoint. The drill comes with a remote control, 24’ cable, battery charge indicator light, 2-year warranty on blades and an 8 amp motor.

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4. THUNDERBAY: B52 Ice Auger Powerhead w/10″ Auger

The ThunderBay B52 is the perfect choice for those who want an easy to start and powerful ice fishing experience. It features a 10 inch diameter cutting head that’s tipped with razor sharp precision ground high carbon steel blades that rip through the ice with ease. Alongside its 52cc two-cycle engine, it will provide you with incredible power and super fast drilling so you can get back on your favorite spot as quickly as possible. With its oversized recoil handle that fits your hand AND glove comfortably and easily, this machine makes sure every user has a comfortable grip while also providing more control over their movements.

THUNDERBAY is an electric ice fishing auger that has a 10” stainless steel blade. This type of construction makes it perfect for cutting through the toughest ice.

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5. Eskimo: Quantum 8-10″ Ice Fishing Auger Series

The company is excited to announce its new ice fishing auger line, the Quantum 8-10″ Ice Fishing Auger Series. This auger’s cold-weather tested 33CC Viper 2-cycle engine is perfect for use in cold conditions. One of the standout features of this auger is its unique centering ring that helps re-drill holes more easily and quickly. Additionally, these units feature precision stainless steel blades that are designed to last longer than other models on the market while still being able to hold their edge in dirty ice thanks to a blade protector included with each unit.

If you’re looking for a durable electric ice fishing auger, the Eskimo Electric 8-10″ Ice Fishing Auger Series is an excellent choice. The company has been around since 1969 and they know how to make quality products that are built to last.

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Knowing what you’re getting into before choosing a product is a good way to go about it. Read reviews and descriptions, and find out how much other people paid for that product before deciding if your budget will allow it. Keep in mind, the more expensive the item, the fewer other customers there are so their ratings should come with less weight than an average rating would. Likewise, inferior sellers sell seconds at knockoff prices while top sellers price high due to being high quality or better warranties from them. And of course if you buy through Amazon Prime, you get free one-day shipping.


Consideration should be given to the construction material. Each auger is made of a different material, which means it will function better in certain situations. Choose the one best suited to your needs or read reviews first before purchasing. We recommend buying an aluminum model because it’s light weight but still heavy duty enough for all types of uses, including ice fishing. It can take plenty of abuse without busting out easily and the metal blades are easier on fish flesh compared to hard plastic ones that will occasionally gash delicate meat. Plus they’re cheaper so you have more margin for error if it does break down after some time.


Durability is very important when buying a electric ice fishing auger. Ice fishermen understand the importance of durability and that’s why they rely on some of the best brands out there to get their year-round ice fishing needs taken care of, like Northern Fence and Fish Titan Outdoors. Being an ice fisherman can be brutally cold and it requires a lot of endurance on behalf of the individual; this is why it’s important to buy durable gear. If you don’t want your gear breaking down in the middle of all your hard work, go with some reliable companies like Northern Fence and Fish Ti…

Customer Reviews

Yes. The customer reviews provide valuable insight into the quality of the electric ice fishing auger and what other people think about it. Not to mention, they’re just plain helpful when trying to decide which electric auger is best for your needs. It’s not always easy to know if you are getting quality or if a product is well-suited for your specific needs, but good customer reviews can provide terrific hints. For example, how would you know that this electric auger has an issues with its battery life. Or this one does great at cutting 6 inches deep holes in the ice but has trouble splitting thicker chunks. Without these reviews, nobody else’s experience could be relevant because everybody’s needs are different.


Yes. Most sellers should be able to offer a warranty on their product, which should include an additional year. Most sellers will offer you a warranty on their products, and most warranties provide at least one extra year of protection. It’s also important to note that there are many different types of warranties, and it’s best to find out which type each seller offers before making your purchase. For example, some don’t cover repair for normal wear and tear; others may require you send the item back in its original box with all the original packaging within 30 days of receiving it or after using it five times (whichever comes first).

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If you are a fisherman or simply enjoy the outdoors, an electric ice fishing auger is a must-have tool for this winter. They come in all shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Check out our list of 5 top rated products above that we think will be perfect for most people. We hope you find what you’re looking for on this page.