The Best Bait For Crabbing

There are a ton of baits that are recommended for crabbing, and choosing the right one is tricky. We’ll go through a list of common baits and their effectiveness, and hopefully help you choose the best bait for your next crabbing trip.


I see this bait recommended all the time. It’s pretty cheap, and many crabbers swear by it. Typically you would use cheaper parts of the chicken, such as the neck, wings, or drumsticks. You will be switching bait out fairly often, if it is not lost before then, and having cheap bait is key. Additionally, the crabs love to tear off pieces of bait, and having bony pieces of bait such as the neck or wings allows the bait to last longer. If you are crabbing around seals, the seals may be less interested in bothering your trap when you use chicken.

However, in my experience, chicken does not work nearly as well as other options. I have found that many times, chicken nets me less crabs than what other people have caught around me. However, chicken is an cheaply and easily obtained bait that lasts ages and works.

Anchovies/Small Fish

I’m biased, but anchovies and small fish are my favorite bait to use. They are easily obtained and are super cheap. Usually I stop by a supermarket, and pick up a bag or two of frozen anchovies or small fish. They tend to disappear fairly quickly in the crab traps, so I’ll grab about a pound of fish per trap for a day’s worth of crabbing. I’ll let it defrost overnight, and it’s good to go the next day. The crabs tend to smell the bait better when it’s not frozen. However, I have used frozen bait before, and it doesn’t seem to make a huge difference. Anchovies almost always net more crabs than my surrounding crabbers, and get my vote for the best bait.

Salmon Heads

Salmon heads are also recommended often for crabbing bait. You can usually go to your local supermarket and ask the butcher for salmon heads, and they’ll typically give them out either for free or very cheap. I have found that they work decently. They are pretty bony, and will last in the water quite a while. Their fishy scent also attracts crabs quite well, and I would recommend salmon heads right after anchovies and small fish.

Cat or Dog Food

I’ve seen many people use cat food as bait, usually by cutting holes into a can of cat food, and then throwing it into a bait cage. It’s very simple to set up, and if you’re squeamish about handling dead fish all day, this could be a decent bait for you. However, I’ve never seen cat food work out spectacularly. It seems to just draw in a few curious crabs, but for the most part, they’ll tend to go for the other baits people use. I probably wouldn’t recommend using cat food unless you are desperate for bait.

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